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  1. General Board
    Hi. I'm thinking of buying a double hander. Which of the below rods is most suitable for shooting heads. I'd like to stay with as small a rod as I can and I'd like a fast action rod. But what about rod rating, are there line weights which are more suited to shooting heads or are there more...
  2. Classified Sales
    Hi Chaps To SELL OR SWAP 1 x 4 piece 14'8" Mf guideline Le Cie 9/10 around 36grams -- Brand New ,Un used paper work provided. list price £599 ---- BEST OFFERS PLEASE (not exspecting list price) 1 x 3 piece 13' 7" Mf guideline Le Cie 9/10 around 36grams -new oct 2010, used but in very good...
1-2 of 2 Results