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  1. General Board
    I've refrained form commenting on whats going on all about us, primarily as there's very little I can actually do about it all.I'm down as a key worker(rightly or wrongly, as I'm a part of the food chain), my wife had a heart event last year late on and is an at risk person-as we are both age...
  2. General Board
    Hi guys, Any one got any experience of floors in February? Thinking mid to late feb, not sure on upper or lower would be best? Thanks in advance
  3. General Board
    Looking for some assistance Gents. Where might I get the extension tubing featured in the picture. It's not the coil of yellow stuff, that's all i've been able to find of late and t's too thin walled. It was bought from AA ( Silicone Tubing) The other samples are thicker walled and Opaque and...
  4. General Board
    morning all, as the year draws to a close and with it the end of a decade , take a look back through the last 10 years and pick out your moment/s that stood out from an angling perspective For me I have been lucky enough to be able to choose a few instances, top of the stack a 30lb salmon of...
  5. Fly Tying Topics
    Tied this out of my fishing partner and good mate's late collie's hair and framed it for him.
  6. Picture Gallery
    A hard season on the River Teith has gave me my 2nd fish there of the season. I moved my efforts down to Stirling and was chuffed to get this licer late on last night. Both fish returned safely after a quick snap. Coloured fish was 30 inches and the licer was 26 inches.
  7. Scottish Rivers
    Just looking at the recent catches for the Tay. Prime beats that would " normally " enjoy good runs of back- end fish, and consequently, good catches, now recording negligible numbers of fish. What a shame. I remember an old copy of Trout and Salmon magazine, saying.. "In ideal conditions...
  8. General Board
    Once I knew the forum was down there was nothing I could do but to send e-mails alerting the support team. I didn't hold much hope because by the time I knew of the outage it was already late day Friday in the UK. Thanks to Kristy checking her e-mail inbox we're back on line.
  9. General Board
    Where is the best place to go for the best chance of a Salmon or five in the UK in late September? Thinking of a late season trip for a few days.
  10. Hairwing Fly Patterns
    The OTJ tied on Sean Stanton 10 mm brass Signature Tubes. A fly that has caught on the Usk.But proved it's self several years ago on the Whiteadder taken several early Springer s and some late fish. OTJ as my sister in law gives him One Trip Jim. Sewinfly...........
  11. General Board
    Sitting in the doctors waiting room picked up an old The Field magazine (June 2017). There was a Q&A section which talked of the fact that salmon and brown trout hybrids exist. Apparently River Tweed studies in the late 80's early 90's showed 4% -5% of juvenile fish to be trout/salmon hybrids...
  12. General Board
    Looking for some fishing in late September does anyone have any suggestions, not one of the big 5.
  13. General Board
    Was looking at the Thurso site and saw a picture of a sand bar below Loch More that the photographer said had a kelt swimming around on top of it. It reminded me of catching a kelt in late July in a place called Rattling Brook near the mouth of the Big River in Labrador. The kelt was in a...
  14. General Board
    maybe, just maybe, it's not too late First US land-farmed Atlantic salmon go on sale -
  15. Picture Gallery
    My first three salmon - ever! Caught at Pitchroy, late May 2018. Weighed in at 9.5lbs, 9.0lbs & 7.0lbs
  16. Patterns for other species
    I've not really been tyeing any Salmon flies of late but here's a wee selection of what I've been addicted to recently:D
  17. New Member Introductions
    New to the forum. Retired and living in the North West, I am an occasional salmon fisherman with a week on the Spey booked in late May.
  18. Hairwing Fly Patterns
    Tied these on a #6 Partridge Patriot. Far from perfect, but might be good for a fish come the late spring/
  19. Picture Gallery
    Slightly more left field, but it can have a late spring run and the ones that run are often of a very good size. Where might this be? Regards NHP
1-20 of 26 Results