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  1. North American Fly Patterns
    My first Gaspe salmon was landed on this pattern.
  2. General Board
    The provisional salmon and grilse rod & line catch for the Deveron for 2019 is 1519 (89% returned), which is notable increase from the 446 landed in the low water conditions of 2018. 2019 is the second highest rod catch since 2013 but still below the long term average (1952-2019) for the Deveron...
  3. News & Features
    Fishing for sea trout tonight and landed a nice grilse!
  4. News & Features
    Landed this one at Durham this evening, just before the river really came away. Give me a right old tussle!
  5. General Board
    That was a quick season started of with a frozen river then the driest spell I can remember then a pretty poor back end run which seems to be the norm these days but plenty of pluses....good to see a decent run of grilse and very well made grilse too ...plenty of big fish about...finally the...
  6. Picture Gallery
    Managed a couple of fish yesterday of the clyde but that wasn't the highlight of my day:nod: Witnessed the take, fight then landed this cracker for a local angler! Cracker:thumb:
  7. General Board
    A new job interview in Motherwell meant I couldn't get to the beat until 12.30, the rest of the guys had been hard at it since 5am & there had been nothing landed but 2 lost. You couldn't make it up, Rod up, waders on, 3 casts to lengthen the line.... Bingo! 14lb belter. Spawny so & so
  8. New Member Introductions
    Hello I am from Connecticut and salmon fishing has become my passion. Landed my first salmon on the Cheticamp River in Nova Scotia in the 70's and from that time I don't know who hooked and landed who. Unfortunately I have watch our restoration program coming to an end after a long battle with a...
  9. Irish Shrimp Fly Patterns
    This was my entry into July's TOTM and I've yet to try it out, but one of the other SFF members had a go with some I tied for him (on #12 trebles) and landed one yesterday so if you missed it here it is :)
  10. Picture Gallery
    Got this and lost one ;););) i hooked it and my helper landed it .
  11. Picture Gallery
    Well out the night i was on the fly and Jordy was spinning with a silver Toby only about the 4th time by himself Got this we fella first ;) it was landed very quickly :p:p Then i was beside him telling him to slow down as the are not wahoo were fishing for ,Then bang the rod went over and...
  12. Salt Water Fishing
    Managed to get a few hours after the "grey ghost" . Fishing the rock pools as they fill with the tide. Fishing on top with floating flake I landed three, this being the smallest at 3.5lb. Best a good 5lb. Great fishing for a fantastic fighting fish. Colin.
  13. General Board
    Just back from 2 days fishing the findhorn water is perfect had a 3lb brownie lost 2 salmon and landed a 9 lb fish on full floater size 14 stoats tail tomaton area
  14. Sea Trout Fishing
    Landed four today biggest about 5lb
1-14 of 14 Results