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  1. General Board
    Prime time on N Kola’s rivers is mid June. In my opinion the Kola is one the top northern rivers. Over last few years theirs been some big changes and last year the climax for some Now the lodge has full zone 3 exclusive. 2 rods float different zone each day. With the home pool for evening...
  2. Off Topic Lounge
    Hold on to your tobies. 'Metal thieves' steal 56-tonne, 23-metre rail bridge in Russia
  3. General Board
    Has anyone had success on the kola river with the bright ponoi flies like the ponoi gold, max mamaevs nail and max flies, I have heard the kola is more a black blue and green fly river, has anyone fished both rivers, any comparisons would be interesting.
  4. Picture Gallery
    Black, Purple and Silver. One September week on the Chavanga river, Kola peninsula.
  5. Northern European Style Patterns
    German snaelda with blue hackle was a good spring fly for me on kola last year. I had the idea to change yellow for chartreuse for the cold clear water to try this time.
  6. General Board
    Just looking at the stats at the bottom of the homepage, suggests that 2018 should see in the millionth post on this forum. Perhaps admin could put up a gift for the "millionth" poster?A week's fishing in the Kola would be nice;) That should see a flurry of posting activity as the mark...
  7. Picture Gallery
    18kg north kola salmon My friend a russian guide just caught this one from lesser known kola river 18kg! what a belter. 20731339_1564394733626512_15014928_n by john paul myler, on Flickr
  8. General Board
    Hi, can you recommend any good tour operator/guide organising salmon trips on Kola? I am searching good solutions for 2 beginners:) Regards, Paweł
  9. Picture Gallery
    20170622_140732[1] by john paul myler, on Flickr
  10. Varzuga
    GRAND VARZUGA Salmon Junkies have managed to get full exclusivity on a long termed lease of more than 30 km of the most attractive and enjoyable salmon fishing on the Kola Peninsula - the famous Varzuga River. One of the most popular and fantastic salmon rivers on Kola, this charming section of...
  11. Umba
    Demanding Salmon chasing for the experienced and fit Salmon angler - The golden mix; Low-priced and great Salmon fishing in the most gorgeous surroundings. Each part of the season has its magic along this wonderful forest river on the sunny side of Kola. And silver-dressed salmon lies in its...
  12. General Board
    3 of us are fishing Yokanga, week beginning Saturday 4th August. We have all fished in Russia before, but one of our regulars has had to drop out so I am looking for a replacement. I have negotiated a group discount, so the price is £2500 ex Murmansk for the week. Please pm me for more details...
  13. General Board
    Anyone interested in a week's fishing in prime season for under £1500 per week? This includes Transfer from Murmansk airport, accommodation and meals (lunch picnic by the river), fishing licences and guide (one per 2 anglers) Fishing is on the rivers Kola, Kitsa and/or Ura. These are all big...
1-13 of 13 Results