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  1. Classified Sales
    I have the above line for sale with 2 addition tips. I weighed it, its 53grams Inc tip. Kit comes with floating head, float-int tip, s2/s3, tips plus 2 additional tips s3/4 and s6/7. Comes in original box and in excellent condition. Looking for £40 posted PayPal gift. Cheers andy
  2. Classified Sales
    I have for sale a Loop SDS multi tip kit. #9 Kit is the main floating line and the 3 tips supplied with the kit as well as 2 additional tips an intermediate and a slow sink. Kit without the 2 extra tips is £130 new. Perfect condition. I’m looking for £85 delivered. Cheers. SOLD
  3. Shooting Heads
    Hi, I have a couple of Rio Scandi Short Heads - an 8 and a 9. When I bought the 9 body I got it with the Versitip kit, that is the four tips to go with the head, They seem to work OK on the short 8 head as well. But as I like the lines I was considering getting a third head for a 6/7 weight...
  4. Classified Sales
    Rio Scandi short versitip kit 9# in great condition SOLD
  5. Lines
    Santa is coming and I need to tell him (her) what to get. I'm looking for a multi-tip shooting head kit of around 34-38g in total weight for use on 13'6" B&W Walker 8-weight and Meiser MKS 7/8 weight rods. I know the weight range will work on both of these rods. I've looked at the specs for...
  6. Classified Sales
    Hardy Mach Multi Spey #9/10 kit Brand new with tips & tip wallet, bought but not required £45 posted (uk)
  7. Classified Sales
    Selling my SDS kit as never gets used, used for only three days only. I'll put in 200m of 30lb backing with the sale. Floating head been used, s3 & s5 never used. Bought an intermediate to go with the set that has never been used. All perfect condition...... £80 posted.
  8. Classified Sales
    Brand new. In box 11 Kit with head and tips Surplus to needs £85-00 posted
  9. Classified Sales
    Hardy Mach Multi Spey #9/10 kit Brand new with tips & tip wallet, bought but not required £55 posted (uk)
  10. Classified Sales
    E M. T. 9/10, 40gms/617 grain as new condition. Lovely piece of kit which covers ALL RIVER CONDITIONS £84 posted. Thanking you-Victor
  11. General Board
    For some reason i cant reply to items i have posted in sale section. Anyway i have dropped price on these 2 items hardy rocket s/h kit fishers motion goretex wading jacket have a look
  12. Classified Sales
    PRICE DROP PRICE DROP Hardy rocket shooting head kit 9/10 Got this from another member, Comes with 3 tips instead of the usual single top Had very little use,,I only ever used f/h tip 1 £45 posted Google them for all the info SOLD SOLD SOLD
  13. Swap Shop
    Got this from another forum member Hardy rocket shooting head kit 9/10 Original comes with 1 tip,there are another 2 tips which were purchased seperate before I got the line,3 tips in there holders in total,tips are £14.99 each I have never used the line since I got it so it is in great...
  14. Classified Sales
    Nitesite Viper night vision Kit. Condition is Used. This kit is less than 6 months old and only been on the rifle twice, for a confirmation zero check and for a few hours one night for pest control. Reason for selling surplus to needs. The unit also has never been out in the rain. The only...
  15. General Board
    Time to replace the felt soles on my wading boots! I see Snowbee do a replacement kit (felt soles & glue) for £30 Anyone used this kit and is it worth it? Any other kits worth considering, appreciate any tips and feedback! Cheers Bobby
  16. Hunting & Shooting
    Can I advertise a night vision kit from Nitesite on the forum. If YES where would I put it in this section or in the classified.
  17. Classified Sales
    For sale my Above Scandi head kit #10 Head:Float Tips:Float+Sink3+Sink5 -(15ft'ers) Including Storage Pouch Condition Excellent New at £109 Sell for £80 posted Uk/Ireland Thanking you Victor Wallace
  18. Swap Shop
    New in box Mackenzie G3 9/10 Spey line I have fitted braided loops both ends so ready to fish. Looking to swap for used shooting head kit in 9/10 Scandi preferred Cost £75 Pm if you have anything
  19. Swap Shop
    rio afs tracker 9/10 multi tip kit, only used 3 or 4 times, superb line, looking to swap for the same or similar kit in an 8wt.
  20. Lines
    are the latest 10/11 rage kit heads 690 gr or 690gr with the tip as I thought the rage heads only went to 660gr and there is no writing on the front taper as with the other rage heads thanks in advance craig
1-20 of 66 Results