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  1. Fishing Videos
    Prawn Fishing for Salmon( Foxford ,River Moy) - YouTube .Float fishing for the chance of early Spring Salmon but only Kelts still making there way down the River Moy . Time taken for Kelt to take at the 7 min .30 sec mark . I Vue Video...
  2. Head Cam Videos
    Trying out a 10ft. Hardy Demon and Shimano Stradic C5000 for the first time on the Aramstone Beat, River Wye, Herefordshire. After a couple of Kelt this little beauty gave me a right run-around, weighing in at 18lb. Wye Salmon 2019 - YouTube Enjoy!
  3. General Board
    Salmon kelt caught in the river Trent today
  4. General Board
    Was looking at the Thurso site and saw a picture of a sand bar below Loch More that the photographer said had a kelt swimming around on top of it. It reminded me of catching a kelt in late July in a place called Rattling Brook near the mouth of the Big River in Labrador. The kelt was in a...
  5. River Dee
    Hi all, Had a fabulous 3 days on the Dee this week...wanted to share the good news as I’m hearing so much negativity. First time in the RBL for me, and what a cracking place. Quiet, a little bit dated but fabulous staff and food made us very welcome indeed. Twin room was big, clean and...
  6. Fishing Videos
    Salmon Kelt (Bubble and Fly) - YouTube
  7. Scottish Rivers
    Had a walk down the river for the first time this year. Water was a bit coloured, but still saw enough reds to make me happy. No dead kelts, but did see a high teens kelt launch out of the water bellow the cobbles. Hope every one has great season with plenty fish and water. A good bet for...
  8. :)

    Picture Gallery
    Fantastic kelt going back..
1-8 of 8 Results