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  1. Classified Wanted
    Hello, if anyone has a Loop Opti Strike in good condition I would be keen to buy. Many thanks Stuart.
  2. Angling Literature Section
    I know that this is a fishing forum but I enquire if any member has any books on deer stalking that they may wish to sell. Living in Aberdeen as I do, and a keen angler being fortunate to fish the Dee, Spey and the Don on a very regular basis, I am also a keen stalker and I thought there may be...
  3. Grayling Fishing
    I will be doing a bit of trotting for the ladies on the Dee (Wales) next week. As it’s above the Horseshoe Falls maggots aren’t allowed, but I think I might try taking some cooked long grain rice to feed sparingly and fish a couple of artificial maggots on the hook. I will also be taking...
  4. Classified Wanted
    My scissors are in need of being sharpened, does anyone know of where I can send them. I am none too keen to try and sharpen them myself. They are Anvil scissors
  5. Sage
    just wondering what lines anyone is using on the above rod the sage one 13'6 looking for info on heads, skagit, spey and multi tips especially keen to know if anyone uses a multi density line on it cheers craig
  6. Others
    Hi Folks, Has anyone tried the new Meiser 6 piece DH rods ? Would be keen to hear what they are like. Thanks, LB
1-6 of 7 Results