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  1. Sea Trout Fishing
    Always a few of these tucked away in my box for June onwards
  2. River Dee
    I have possibly a chance to fish the Dee for a few days this coming May or June. Where should i be looking to book, to have my best chance of catching a Dee salmon? Many thanks.
  3. North American Fly Patterns
    Fishing the Restigouche in June.
  4. General Board
    Does anybody have a rough idea of the price for early june on the lower yokanga I am well aware of the difficult conditions I am used to hard fishing in scandinavian rivers so not concerned just wondering on the prices really many thanks
  5. General Board
    Prime time on N Kola’s rivers is mid June. In my opinion the Kola is one the top northern rivers. Over last few years theirs been some big changes and last year the climax for some Now the lodge has full zone 3 exclusive. 2 rods float different zone each day. With the home pool for evening...
  6. General Board
    The Countryside Rally 2019? - YouTube
  7. Picture Gallery
    Catches from early June kola river before the heat put the fish down. This season a fish was caught by scientists over 60lb in weight and in one day in the same study 2 fish over 45lb were caught at the same time outside of yokanga litsa and alta no othher river give such a good chance of a...
  8. General Board
    Our June is off to a better than average start on the Miramichi. The second half of June on the Miramichi would equate to April on the Spey as far as where it stands in the season, but the few fish we do catch usually have some very high quality ones. Here are a couple of photos. The photos...
  9. General Board
    Should give us all something to watch, laugh at, slag off and fall out over :D From Wednesday June 20th BBC2 DCH
  10. General Board
    I'll be going to Iceland, East Ranga, for the first time for three days at the end of June. Its a bit early I know Any tips on what tackle to bring (rods, head weights). And also any other essentials to have in the luggage? Thanks
  11. Hairwing Fly Patterns
    Inspired by the May TOTM I tied one more muddler type fly, actually I like this much more than this issued for the TOTM:) The Black DB Muddler as shown in the June T&S, I didn't have a GP crest dyed red so it's replaced with the natural. On a hook #9.
  12. Off Topic Lounge
    Very long shot but not likely anyone flying from Inverness, aberdeen or wick or any little field between to dublin or Belfast June 22nd have room for a hitch hiker?
  13. General Board
    Just wondering if any member wants my 3 days 4-6th June this year? Ill health sadly means I can't go. £100 a day, excellent riverbank accommodation if required dog friendly. PM if you are seriously interested
  14. General Board
    Hi guys, I’m currently working in Norway in a small town orkanger which is on the banks of the river orkla! Does anyone know what like the lower part of the river is? I’m staying maybe 1 mile above the mouth of the river! Hoping to get a few days in June! I Walked about 5 miles on...
  15. Travel/Last Minute Trips/Rod Availability (TRADE)
    I’ve been contacted about a rod available for Middle Varzuga on 9 June. A cancellation has come up due to someone requiring surgery. Cost is 7500 from Helsinki. Message me if you are interested or know anyone else who is. Brendan
  16. General Board
    Royalty 2017 Salmon Captures The catch return table above shows catches from this Avon fishery for 2017 season, All the fish caught before 16th June CCR are mainly caught on the fly,plus a few on spinners, After the 16th June all the fish are caught on shrimp and prawn, 3 on spinner & 1...
  17. European Rivers
    Hi, I'll be visiting Oslo on June 5th. What are the prospects of catching something so early in the season on one of the rivers between Oslo and Stavanger? From what I can see online most rivers only come good from mid July onwards. The Bjerkreimselva doesnt even open until 15th June. Looking...
  18. General Board
    Thought a bit of fishy stuff might cheer a few up. A plump one from late June.
  19. General Board
    The season is off to an okay start on the Miramichi. For a full report check out my blog entries for June at Here are a couple of pics you may enjoy.
  20. General Board
    I've got a day booked that I'll not make on darnaway (lower home) for 1 rod/1 day Monday 26th June, i know it's not great conditions but if but if I lived closer I'd give it a bash... free to first come, please Pm me.
1-20 of 21 Results