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  1. General Board
    Lockdown notwithstanding there are some really good deals on tackle at the moment. Particularly attracted to the (Guideline) John Norris 11' 7#/8 switch rod. Got another very similar rod, convince me to buy one please. Anyone know what it weighs? Anyone using one?
  2. Fly Tying Topics
    Any recommendations on the above, should I just persevere with the fingers, hands aint what they used to be. Cheers John
  3. Irish Shrimp Fly Patterns
    My favourite dull and drab coloured shrimps tied on size 4 Kamasan B175 trout hooks. John Anthony, Foxford and Green Peter variant.
  4. Classified Wanted
    Looking for above line in good condition.Cheers John.
  5. General Board
    I seen this video some years ago, John Wilson sea trout fishing on the river morrum in Sweden and would like to see it again but can’t seem to find it anywhere. Anyone know I where I could find it ? Thanks Old kipper
  6. Guideline
    If anybody is looking for an early Xmas present there are a few ex demo NT8 6 piece rods on offer at John Norris today..... I 've just paid for a 9/10 and its the most expensive rod I have ever bought, despite the serious discount !!
  7. General Board
    Looking for decent guides for our trip in September,any suggestions would be much appreciated.Anyone know much a about the Yellow cedar lodge ?Thanks John.
  8. News & Features
    Those of you who have fished the lochs and sea-pools of South Uist will be saddened to hear of the death, after a long and cruel illness, of John Kennedy, who for many years ran the salmon, sea-trout and brown trout fisheries of that wonderful island and wrote an excellent guide-book to the...
  9. General Board
    Will be close to the Kirkaig next week, is there anyone local or an estate office I can contact about a day on the Lower river. Or is Sporting Lets the only way. Any information welcome. John
  10. Shooting Heads
    Browsing the latest John Norris sale leaflet I noticed their new Ni1 Shooting head which they say will cast any sink tip whatever length or weight!! Lines vary from 420 grains/29ft rated for switch to 660 grains/ 32ft rated 10/11. From the blurb they seem to be a beefed up Rage or an extra...
  11. Classified Wanted
    Looking for above line in good condition.Cheers John.
  12. General Board
    Hi All, Has anyone got an up to date email address or phone number for Greig Thomson? Thanks John
  13. Swap Shop
    Gaelforce Equalizer Spey 10/11 42 grams 646 grains 54' float Looking to swap above line for 11/12 same,the line is in good condition spooled and boxed.
  14. Classified Wanted
    Looking for above rod ,s/h 9’6”#7 ,must be travel version.Thanks John.
  15. Classified Sales
    4 piece John Norris Salmon rod mint condition £70 posted pm if interested
  16. Classified Wanted
    Looking for above rod in 9’#5.Cheers John.
  17. General Board
    Could somebody please buy the remaining pair of Harlika boots from John Norris please. I have been opening the greatest ever, mega, giant, warehouse clearance emails from JN for an eternity, and all I see is the same pair of Harlika Mountain Hunter GTX boots right in the middle of the page...
  18. Off Topic Lounge
    The only one I am going to make is that I live long enough to see the last of John Norris sales. Bob.
  19. Rod Building
    Thought you might find this short video from our library with Chris Clemes and our John Stephenson interesting as they discuss bespoke fly rod building...
  20. Classified Wanted
    Looking for above reel ,Taupo 3 7/8 “or wide spool 4” from around 2009 in good condition ,prefer line guard.Cheers John.
1-20 of 48 Results