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  1. Off Topic Lounge
    Never realised how lazy I have been getting the last few weeks since the fishing ceased. A farmer friend asked me to come and shoot some pigeon that were all over his sprouting barley. First time out since lockdown and what a pleasure it was even just sitting there watching the wildlife. Felt I...
  2. Picture Gallery
    Managed a couple of hours in between jobs today. A had a fair old scrap of this wee in.
  3. Gillie's Tales
    ey there i am looking to become a fishing ghillie has anyone got any info or any jobs going i am 25 years of age and have fished for salmon all my life all over Scotland any jobs in the UK thanks
  4. North Atlantic Salmon Conservation
    Extract from a local paper. Getting even closer to home! Mike LARGS and Millport is set to net a jobs boost of almost 25 new posts under an £8m plan to create two new fish farms. The UK's largest producer of farmed trout has unveiled plans to create 12 local jobs on the Clyde at sites next to...
1-5 of 6 Results