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  1. General Board
    Myself and a few friends are fishing the Island for two weeks starting Tuesday 25th September.We have all fished the PNW a few times but normally further North on The Skenna watershed and the Kittimat, for Kings in June/ July.We will be fishing the Stamp mostly but will fit in some other rivers...
  2. Canadian Rivers
    Afternoon all, I appreciate that this question is rather big and that the options are potentially endless. However, I shall ask anyhow as this is the once in a lifetime opportunity for me and although relatively short notice, I wish to make the best of it. I am travelling over to BC in...
  3. Other Videos
    Hummingbird slomo - YouTube My my brother has a few hummingbirds that visit his feeder . I took this slo mo when I was over on Vancouver Island recently. Colin.
  4. Picture Gallery
    Last session on the Island before heading back to Devon. Caught some sockeye and these good size chum on the Spey rod. It's going to be a long winter. We left some for our furry friends. Colin.
  5. North American Fly Patterns
    Tied this one up for an a trip to Vancouver Island . Hopefully it might interest a steelhead. Colin
  6. Video Gallery
    Found another video from trip to Vancouver Island. Checking out base camp - YouTube
  7. General Board
    Campbell River, Vancouver Island, BC. Video taken while fishing. 20171008 171632 - YouTube
  8. General Board
    After the bears pictures I thought I better put one in of my best catch today as well. A nice Coho
  9. General Board
    The easy way to catch fish
  10. Off Topic Lounge
    Amazing. Hurricane Irma- Cane Garden Bay time lapse - RM gopro on Vimeo
  11. Picture Gallery
    Well with all the lack of sparkling silver salmon pics I decided to upload these snap shots instead. Taken very recently, can anyone work out which Scottish island it is??:D .....and before anyone asks, its the same island in all pics, taken as I was passing East abeam.
  12. Picture Gallery
    Every year I find myself up in the Highlands for my mates birthday and this year was no different. We managed to get two days on the Lower Beauly for less money than normal, with the Friday on the Falls Beat and Saturday on the Home beat. I had fished Falls last year in a heatwave with lots of...
  13. Canadian Rivers
    Hi All! Just wanted to introduces myself and let you know about some of the great fishing we have here on the Island. My names Nick Redway and I'm a guide based in Comox, BC. We offer freshwater fishing year round for Trout, Pacific Salmon and Steelhead as well as Saltwater Fly Fishing for...
1-13 of 13 Results