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    Morning All, After having a play in the river yesterday evening, it dawned on me that I don't have any kind of insurance for my gear or me. I have just bought my first higher value spey outfit and felt it would be prudent to get some kind of insurance for my stuff. Anyone who's got insurance...
  2. General Board
    On a North coast river, that Iv fished for last few years in May, Iv just had my leter, regarding cancellation, regarding current situation. Now prior to booking, i had managed get a deal, that I only took the fishing, No Ghille, No Hotel, No food. I would of stayed in my camper, and only took...
  3. General Board
    I do not know whether any of you have heard, but Stan Headley, the author of many informative articles in T & S and of several books on angling, recently returned from a day's fishing to find his home on fire. Stan has lost everything, including all his fly-tying gear and because of difficulties...
  4. General Board
    Any ideas? I'm off to BC in September, but all the travel insurance I look at, even ones "for fishermen", have a single item in baggage claim of around £300, My fishing kit in checked baggage, 3 rods etc ( reels in hand luggage ) comes to about ten times that. Anyone got an good advice or...
  5. General Board
    Are any beats refunding rods in the light of the extreme weather, or has anyone had success with the fishpal insurance scheme, I have heard its not so straightforward when you try and claim from them.
  6. General Board
    Can anybody suggest the best/cheapest method of obtaining angling liability insurance cover for an individual? Thanks
  7. General Board
    Today I took a pair of wading boots to the P.O to return them to Sportfish , they were a great price of £89 . I was quoted £12.97 with no insurance. My reply was no thanks I will try Hermes , at this point I was thinking I will keep the boots and would have if I had not already got simms g3 with...
  8. General Board
    I just bought a new 'plastic on the handle' T&T DH 15ft #10 on eBay, I fancied a lighter alternative to the Horizon #11 I have had for years.... do the seller sent it promptly with Interparcel.... it arrived and had been run over, all three sections a write off. Unfortunately my 79 year old...
1-8 of 8 Results