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  1. Fly Tying Topics
    I arrived home from the Dee to find an envelope in the post. Inside were some Vulturine Galena feathers. No letter or name inside. A massive thank you to the sender. It is this sort of gesture and all the advice that make the Fly Tying section on this forum such a pleasure.
  2. Rod Building
    I've a diawa altmore, the middle section has a light rattling/ticking noise coming from inside? Can anyone shed light on this problem? Thanks Al
  3. Classified Sales
    Hugh Falkus. Speycasting...A new technique The above up for for grabs. My wife bought me a HF signed copy for Christmas so this one is going. Dread to think what she paid for it! Book in very good condition overall. Dust wrapper is scuffed and has small tear about 19mm and nibbles on wrapper...
  4. General Board
    I have been using the same salmon fly reels since I started..the Daiwa osprey..and the Daiwa 813.I paid £39.99 for these reels when they first came out..I have a look online at fly reels and I really like eBay. You get pictures of the reel and you can see how they are put together..there are...
  5. Video Gallery
    Nothing new, still enough to make you sick... A look inside salmon farms - YouTube
  6. Classified Sales
    Got this one from a friend as he thinks it does not match his rod. New and just test cast for 2 minutes. The package says #9 Floating but inside is #9 - 30 Gr. 8,4 m F/Sink 5. The price tag (75,-- Euros) is still on the package and I am open to reasonable offers. Icelander05
1-6 of 6 Results