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  1. River Tay
    Currently a huge spat going on in the Tay Ghillies Association Facebook page just now. It seems that 2 very ill informed anglers, suggested to come from England but maybe not have been fishing today on an unnamed beat. Police Scotland have been informed and allegedly the anglers claimed to be...
  2. General Board
    Noticed in todays Herald that the people in charge of keeping an eye on the stocks of parr/smolts are asking people to pay £100 to have a smolt named after them and kept informed of its progress. Just wondering if you get a refund when it is a goosanders nibble. Bob.
  3. General Board
    Having read the thread from someone posting flies to sell.I noted some having the typical moan and not knowing ALL THE FACTS and blaming Admin. So Just for you. Yes we did send a PM at first as we do to a new member and informed him of the rules which are clear. He has ignored that PM, saying...
  4. General Board
    I took this photo this afternoon while crossing Maryculter Bridge after fishing on the south bank. It appears to be coming from the AWPR construction at the new Dee crossing. It doesn't look good. SEPA have been informed.
1-4 of 4 Results