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  1. Picture Gallery
    Hello all, I'm posting this request on behalf of my dad, Richard Hewitt. He collects vintage fishing tackle and has the attached photograph in his collection. It says that the man's name is John, and the photo was taken at Aberdalgie on the River Earn near Perth. Does anybody recognise the man...
  2. General Board
    Has anyone any news of this ? My licence (full to include migratory fish) reminder was sent by email on the 19th for renewal on the 8th April. Many many organisations involved in angling have sent out information relating to the impact of the virus on all aspects of our sport. In view of the...
  3. Shrimp Fly Patterns
    Had some information off Kierstream so thanks to him. Sewinfly..........
  4. General Board
    Earlier this year the Welsh government agreed to implement the proposed new NRW byelaws for salmon and seatruot fishing for the 2020 fishing season. Whilst the consultations were on going, these complicated proposals were easily found on line but for some reason, I cannot find them any more. I...
  5. News & Features
    Scottish ministers withold information on salmon farms Watchdog demands release of government facts about Scottish Salmon | The National
  6. General Board
    Demand for farmed salmon is 'causing an ecological disaster' | HeraldScotland
  7. English Rivers
    Does anyone have directions for this fishery, or even a beat map? Looking at going tomorrow but there appears to be no information on how to actually find the river.... cheers
  8. General Board
    Hi, my son in law has booked us in here for three days fishing in September. Any tips, advice or information would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks in advance.
  9. Traditional/Fully Dressed Patterns
    I personally do own the three books Rare & Unusual Feathers Vol. 1 and 2 and Forgotten Flies and would never give them away but a friend of mine wants to sell his copies. They were never used and are untouched as new. The contain a wealth of information for the classic fly dresser. PM pls. if...
  10. General Board
    Hi I have been offered 3 days salmon fishing on the Laxa Kjos at the beginning of July 2020. Does anybody have any information or tips about the river. Rod size, Flies, average rod catches? Any information would be great. Thanks
  11. Reels
    Hi guys, I have inherited two old rimfly intrepid reels that i have been using for sea trout fishing. They work just fine but the paint is chipping off and I would like to know how to repaint them and what to use. I can't find any information anywhere on what to use. Any info or tips would be...
  12. Irish Rivers Reports & News
    Would anyone have an idea how many salmon were caught annually at the salmon traps on the river Moy in Ballina or where I could find this information. Thanks.
  13. River Tay
    I have been invited to fish on Kercock, next week. Can anybody give me some information about the beat, as I have never fished the it before. Thanks in advance.
  14. Scottish Rivers
    A three day slot for 5 rods has opened up at Nesscastle , if it is of interest to anyone? It is from the 8th-11th September, with Accommodation in the 5* River lodge (sleeps 14). for further information please feel free to get in touch via pm or at [email protected] Welcome | Ness...
  15. General Board
    A press release from this morning ... In a decision that will have significant repercussions for the licensing of Ireland’s salmon farms, the Commissioner for Environmental Information has found that the Minister for Agriculture’s refusal to release information in the annual Department...
  16. Scottish Rivers
    Hi all, thinking about heading to the Brora next season , any Information floating about out there?
  17. General Board
    Hi Guys I've just acquired the above rod from a pal who is selling up. It's a 3 piece 13ft and is like new. He only ever used a full floater but l want to use a scandi/ Skagit type of line with tips. If anyone has used the same rod I would be most grateful for any information they could pass...
  18. New Member Introductions
    Very new to salmon (and fly) fishing, but my family recently came into a membership in a camp on the Miramichi so I figured it was time to start getting some serious information about the sport in my home country! Looking forward to learning from you all and sharing the success as it comes if I...
  19. General Board
    Nathan Jubb,contact details Any one on here got contact details for nathan jubb ,river wye Pm any information please
1-19 of 30 Results