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  1. Off Topic Lounge
    Well here we are at a moment the world stands as one. Now. If only. People in power, leaders, and Lies. Correct me if Im wrong here. This virus, was it not detected last December, that the virus had mutated, and now Human was passing to Human. This info was passed to China's top man, from one of...
  2. General Board
    Has anyone got one or have any info the above rods and what are they like . Thanks
  3. General Board
    Anyone know were my old pal Hendrik is? Used to fish with him in Inverness but he has moved now. PM me if you have any info. Thanks in advance. Langavat
  4. Rookies Corner
    Well, I've got this flight of fancy in my head, it's been bubbling about for a year or two and since a T+S article recently has been occupying my thoughts quite a bit. I've a hankering to catch a Salmon from a drifting boat on one of the big loch's or lough's, the article on the Leven River and...
  5. Spinning
    Forgive me if this has been covered before, but I'm struggling to find much info regarding lures. Plenty about the Fly, however. Just wondering what people would recommend?
  6. General Board
    Thinking of having a rod on Horncliffe next month, any advice or info very welceome
  7. General Board
    Have a day booked on here end of the month just looking for any info if anyone has fished this beat and flies etc, looks a great bit of water can't wait to throw a line over the pools thanks for any info guys Davy
  8. Rods
    I have just acquired one of these travel rods. There is no line info marked on the rod or much info on the LTS website .....The seller suggested 34-38g max. A recent thread about the 7/8 version suggested 8/9 lines - so now I’m a little confused. I’m particularly interested in short Scandi...
  9. General Board
    I'm laid up just now with a busted foot and I'm going to need a new rod to help get over it :) I am probably going to go for something around 13ft and either an 8 or 9 weight. I am looking at the Loop S1, Gaelforce Equalizer, Mackenzie F1 or maybe even a Guideline LPXe There is loads of info on...
  10. General Board
    Spey Fochabers Fishing at Gordon Castle in a few weeks time for the first time! Looking for some info please. What is the best route from Perth to Fochabers, would it be Aberdeen via a90 or Aviemore via a9? Also, can not seem to find much info on catches etc. Any pointers greatfully accepted...
  11. Reels
    Hi guys, I have inherited two old rimfly intrepid reels that i have been using for sea trout fishing. They work just fine but the paint is chipping off and I would like to know how to repaint them and what to use. I can't find any information anywhere on what to use. Any info or tips would be...
  12. Others
    Inherited the above 3 piece rod 9/10 lines. Lovely condition. It seems to be a bit of a stiff poker although quite light. Anyone got any info on them as I cant find much. Mike
  13. Traditional/Fully Dressed Patterns
    Size 1/0. I'd like to thank here for munro who has provided me with some very helpful info about Dee fly wings, thank you Sir :yo:
  14. Reels
    I have a Hardy Marquis #10 reel which I bought on a whim some years ago. I was wondering what the line capacity is? Is it the equivalent of a Marquis Salmon no. 1. Seems a shame not to use it. Any info anybody?
  15. Rookies Corner
    Has anybody got any tips on giving my fly lines a clean? Thought I'd have a clean up but not sure what to use, soap wise..if any? Cheers for any info.
  16. Fly Tying Topics
    Hi All am looking for a supplier of good JC capes, any info will be much appreciated.
  17. European Rivers
    Hello Has anyone fished sog river in iceland ? Looking for some info , thanks
  18. Classified Sales
    Unused 10 Ft 4 piece at #8 weight Jet 330 Sintrix tube sleeve plastic still on cork handle. Pick up possible looking for £235 posted. PM if interested or for more info bought 3 at once only ever use the same rod .
  19. Reels
    Anyone got one,and have more Info on this Reel? Erik
  20. Fly Tying Topics
    Im looking for info on what you are using for intruder eyes, any links would be appreciated. Thanks
1-20 of 54 Results