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  1. Classified Sales
    This very last of my vintage colobus hair, the original sunray and monkey fly hair, it is impossible to buy at a reasonable price. £60 sold posted
  2. General Board
    Anybody finding it impossible to access fishpal catches/availability etc? Cheers
  3. Picture Gallery
    The Teith rose 2ft + overnight to a raging silty maelstrom this morning but settling somewhat in the afternoon. so, for the 3rd Wednesday running, the river was well out of order. Still and all, the Good Lord loves a trier and with a river impossible to wade for the most part, and certainly...
  4. General Board
    Love this tippet material but trying to find this in 15lbs is nigh on impossible. Arghhh
  5. General Board
    Excuse my laziness ladies and gents but I wondered if anybody had any info on said river Oykel? Impossible to get on? Thanks in advance Fairhope
  6. General Board
    I use a piece of wool or pipe cleaner to practice casting with on my local river. Im wondering how I stand with regards to the law? considering its impossible for me to catch anything I'd think i don't need one, can anyone clarify this? Thanks Al
  7. Fishing Videos
    Looks like a good fun with Coho. Any ideas on how to catch running fish? Seems impossible!!
  8. General Board
    Don't know if this is just happening to me? Almost every time I try to access the forum via my iPhone, I get a screen appearing offering me a new iPhone 8. This has been happening for the past few days and sometimes keeps repeating making it impossible to do anything.?????
1-8 of 8 Results