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  1. General Board
    In this period of forced inactivity in regards to our chosen sport, Inverness Angling Club has invited its members to submit either their favourite flies or a fly that they have tied themselves, including dressings and a photo. You may or may not find this of interest, but it is an idea that...
  2. Shooting Heads
    Hello, I can't find 20 'tips for a rio unispey versitip shoot; Do you have an idea ? use a 15 'tip doesn't it risk to change the balance .
  3. Reels
    Seems I have lost the drag knob on my reel. Any idea where I can get bits for this reel from.
  4. Off Topic Lounge
    Any idea as to who it may be , lads ? Full picture. Many reflected lights.
  5. General Board
    I have been looking at this with the view to taking the plunge next year.It seems a great idea and was wondering if anyone took advantage last year and how they got on and where they fished.
  6. General Board
    Having washed and reproofed my Simms wading jacket every 2 years with great results using the nikwax system I was considering doing the same with my 3 year old breathable waders. I would appreciate any opinions or advice as to whether this is a good idea or not. Tightlines PBP
  7. General Board
    Keep noticing these little parasites on fish predominantly sea trout, but lice I’ve seen before have tails ? Any idea what they are ?
  8. Waders
    Mine gave up the ghost last evening, soaked through on both legs all the way down!.Were extensively Aquasured last year and had 5yrs+ from them so no complaints really. Any thoughts on new waders any one?, must be Zip front(totally sold on that idea!) and we'll avoid the Simms word as they've...
  9. Shrimp Fly Patterns
    Been playing about wae mc andy's double cone idea and came up with this :lol: Fluorescent pink crystal boar bristles SSS magenta glitz dubbing White schlappen... Tyed in close to the tip to keep it short SS pink cone Fluorescent pink guinea foul SS silver cone
  10. General Board
    I was reading through some old forum content this afternoon and came across a poll regarding rod lengths. Rod Length I just thought it would be interesting to see what angler's preferred rod lengths were 10 years on. I've added in a section for Switch rods.
  11. Rods
    So gonna get one with the black friday sales. What would you suggest, 4 or 6 piece? I worry that a 6 piece increases your chances of a break if a blank slips but also like the idea of packing it away easy. I don't intend to fly with it though. Is that any difference in the feel or casting of a 4...
  12. Northern European Style Patterns
    As my beloved river Towy is running at something like 18 inches below summer level, unusual hot and sunny weather, I have not been fishing. Instead I have been filling my spare time knocking up flies such as the below example. I must thank Renney for the tying tips, and the gentleman who put...
  13. Other Videos
    A canny vid showing how to weld heads to running lines. This also gives you a good idea on how to weld any lines. Welding Fly Lines - Making a full fly line out of a shooting head system - YouTube
  14. General Board
    Recently returned to flyfishing after a layoff of about 10 years, previously I did little else for about 25 years. This time I'm concentrating on Sea Trout and Salmon, stocked Trout no longer have any appeal. Lots of new flies and gadgets have appeared. Tippet rings seem to be an excellent...
  15. Rod Building
    Re furnishing an old favourite, and have had to wet and dry the blank down to the carbon du to many sinks and scratches! Has anybody any idea what spray paint I can use on it?! Thanks
  16. General Board
    Hi folks, I have a pair of Hoggs of Fife Roxburgh shoes that badly need a new commando sole. Any idea who could do this for me. Thanks
  17. North Atlantic Salmon Conservation
    Quite a interesting short Film. Bringing back salmon along the Rhine - YouTube We all like the idea of Scotland and Norway etc but the very idea of Salmon running Swiss rivers is very appealing,not sure of the Rhine tribs but i know they a boat load of them.Fishing in Basele also sounds good...
  18. General Board
    found this lure in an old lot of fly tieing materials Got patent Num of 793370, any one have an idea what it is , many thanks Richard
  19. Northern European Style Patterns
    German snaelda with blue hackle was a good spring fly for me on kola last year. I had the idea to change yellow for chartreuse for the cold clear water to try this time.
1-19 of 28 Results