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  1. Classified Sales
    275grain integrated shooting head and running line. Boxed, brand new. Tried for 5 minutes in the river next to the house. Great line but not quite what I need. €€€SOLD€€€
  2. Picture Gallery
    Lucky to have the Male and Female Dippers feeding the young one's 200mts from house on The Moy Foxford .
  3. Picture Gallery
    Nice Bar of silver off the Rheidol tonight! Not big into spinning but only had half an hour to flick through the pools near my house in Capel Bangor. Not big, about 4lbs, but very welcome! Happy days
  4. General Board
    Hi - I'm interested in beat names and how they are given their names Some are named after land marks, or the geography of the river. On the ribble we have some crackers Fiddlers hole (unknown) Baby elephant (Unknown) Dangerous corner (overhead powerlines) Sparks pit (overhead powerlines) Blue...
  5. Picture Gallery
    These two cheeky fellas having a wee lie down after scoffing my good ladies paddock grass, only 15' from the house and quite at home it seems.
  6. General Board
    Hi, I live in Co Fermanagh Northern Ireland in a NI Housing Executive property (Council House). Ive asked NIHE can i swap with a tenant in England and they told me i can. With that in mind i put my property details on the house swapping website here is a link to the details-...
  7. Off Topic Lounge
    Well, after 31 years of living in one of scotlands highest villages, my wife & I have moved to a much lower level just north of Gretna, a drop of about 1000ft. the main reason for moving ,was to escape the harsh winter weather, last year, was the straw that broke the camels back, when the...
  8. Off Topic Lounge
    How is it something as irrelevant as the above can cause so much misery and distruption to so many people .........? Complete Joke in this day and age .......... It’s probably some Teenager sat in his bedroom having a Laugh If it had been anywhere near the House of Commons it would have been on...
  9. Picture Gallery
    House of bruar job - all I can say is it works v well and I think it had gow in the name somewhere ?.. anyone recognise?. z.
  10. General Board
    Hi I am looking to book a weeks fishing at the end of July in the highlands of Scotland . I will be travelling with 10-12 Family members including woman and kids. Ideally the house should be of a good standard and decor so as to keep the woman Happy and if there was a big town close bye for the...
  11. General Board
    I was in Axminster today and came across this on the site of the old police house . It seems that the poachers are always one step ahead of the "game" Colin
  12. General Board
    I dont want this to turn into another C&R debate, Im all for C&R but volentary, I return 99% of all my catch. I'd like to retain a two fish bylaw limit (as is already in force under my local rivers NLO) I use as 'insurance' for a deep hooked fish. Ive killed one in the last 5 years returning...
  13. North Atlantic Salmon Conservation
    A copy of my former 'least liked' daily paper was looked at today! I was surprised to find that they are again giving good coverage to the Salmon farming situation by both uptodate stats and also opinion expressed!! I only hope that they commission a fullest investigation and report...
  14. Scottish Rivers
    Right lads ,if ye had 3 or 4 days to find some good spring fishing in April ,where would ye head ,i'm totally open ,budget is healthy , as I was meant to be going to the Gaula ,but left it too late to get a decent week . The Dee obviously ''springs'' to mind ,but catch rates seem to suggest that...
  15. Classified Sales
    I have for sale a pair of Simms G3 Felt soles, UK size 8, bought in the Sportfish sale and find they are a size too small for me. They have been tried on in the house only. Offering at the price I paid for them, £107 plus postage. SL
  16. Fly Tying Topics
    Cleaning my attic to day in prep for a house move came across this, im not using it anymore thought it might be of interest to someone.
  17. Off Topic Lounge
    Got asked to do some halloween make up for one of the girls in our house came up with this burn theme happy Halloween:p
1-17 of 17 Results