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  1. Hairwing Fly Patterns
    These are flies already in my boxes and in use but since the no body topic came up I thought to post pictures I have. I'm currently tying new flies and will try to make some decent photos once a good batch are completed. Currently working on Willie Gunn ties hoping they might get a look...
  2. River Tweed Reports & News
    Here we go 2020! Good Luck to all the Tweed fishers for 2020. Expecting a few changes to regulations this season. Not seen anything in writing yet but fairly sure there will be. I am hoping that the River Till will be unaffected by any changes to spinning and worming as this could ruin the...
  3. English Rivers
    Happy New Year all, I thought I might as well kick off proceedings. Here's hoping for a stronger run this season generally.
  4. General Board
    Greetings and Happy 2020 to you all. I am in the process of planning a family trip to Eastern Canada for summer of 2020. Not certain which week yet but I am curious if any board members have experiences fishing the Gaspé region with family? I’m open to PEI and Nova Scotia as well. I’m open to...
  5. Rods
    guideline reach 14ft 8 does anyone have any idea what blank this rod is based on ?, seen one at a decent price and hoping it has a stiff ish action to it, probably used with long s/head lines thanks.
  6. Classified Wanted
    Hi folks. Bit of a long shot. My Daiwa Alltmor 2 piece 10' 6" #8 -10 has a br9ken top section that I'm hoping to replace. I'd be willing to buy the complete rod if one is available. It's the slim purple blank with purple whippings. Had the rod for over 25 years and love the action with an 8...
  7. Rookies Corner
    hello guys I mostly fish pay on catch and release I was hoping to expand my fishing experiences. I have just bought a lamson micra 3.5 lite speed reel was hoping to pair it up with a brand new never used Greys GS 9.6 #7 weight rod. I have a bario iss 8/9 line. not sure if this is the best set...
  8. General Board
    With the bit of rain we've had past couple of days has put the rivers into a flow I'm hoping to hear of any salmon caught on the waters today!
  9. Hairwing Fly Patterns
    First tying for a wee while due to cervical disc problems. Hoping to get back into it without too much discomfort.?
  10. Rods
    Anyone have any experience with this blank ?? Saw it on ebay for a decent price and it's listed as "High performance parabolic curve". I'm hoping it's a through action that bends into the butt section. Your comments are much appreciated :) Mike
  11. General Board
    Evening folks. I'm looking for some advice. After years of talking about it/not being able to get, next year I am finally hoping to get to Canada. Its a trip I've wanted to do since my boys were small - I had hoped to do it years ago but with both my sons having significant birthdays next year...
  12. Off Topic Lounge
    So who watched this and last night's finale ? Definitely one of the better dramas in the deluge on the TV this autumn IMHO. Hoping for more of the same through the winter months.
  13. General Board
    hoping to get a review on the behemoth reel before I go buy one in, thanks
  14. Classified Sales
    Any interest in a black vision tank no.4? Hoping for £125 posted
  15. Lines
    Just hoping someone can tell me this is the right line for a 10' 8# rod as it seems too light and no power behind it? Was hoping this would have a shooting head style on a single hand rod. Thanks
  16. Off Topic Lounge
    Love him or loathe him, Fury is back in the ring on Saturday. I must confess I thought it would not happen a year or two ago. It will certainly liven up the heavyweight division - if he can come back at the same level. Dealing with depression, drink, drugs, gaining then losing 7 to 8 stone -...
  17. Reels
    Hello everybody , I just bought a Gloomis Synchrotec fly reel on the web, and I'd like to change the direction of the spinning because today it's ready for a left-handed while I'm right-handed Hoping that this is possible with this model? Somebody can help me ? Anybody have schema or plan ...
  18. Irish Rivers Reports & News
    Anyone have any information on fishing lough beltra availability prices etc. Was looking at the webite but not sure if its up to date or not hoping to get a day on beltra as a gift for someone any help appreciated
  19. General Board
    I'm hearing a rumour of a 50" springer today. No further details but am hoping it's true! Some fish if it is!:cool:
  20. Fly Swaps
    11 names wanted for this month's swap. Flies will be due at my letter box on 24th April. This month theme is inspired by a recent thread on the forum. Tie an original pattern salmon fly, so something along the lines of the following list. Sunray shadow Collie dog Ally shrimp Irish shrimp Blue...
1-20 of 30 Results