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  1. General Board
    I've been spotting posts where remarks about low water are showing up. Just saw another on Gary's post to TTOM thread and thought better to post here than hijack the fly thread. Remembering the past few seasons that your rivers suffered under low flow conditions I can only hope you see a turn...
  2. Shrimp Fly Patterns
    A fly that needs no introduction.. a Ross Macdonald modern classic.. the Park Shrimp! A great all round pattern and one I always have in my fly box. Hope you find the demo useful and stay safe ?
  3. Hunting & Shooting
    New addition to the household, lovely wee girl with a great field trial pedigree, hope i can do her justice:) with her new pals
  4. Classified Sales
    Hi I have a large amount of Rapala lures that i need to get rid of. Too many to mention! Probably upwards of 50. Please PM me if interested. Hope this AD is allowed Rob
  5. Patterns for other species
    Practise practise practise Hope material lasts the duration.
  6. Patterns for other species
    I'm loving this ripple ice fibre dubbing from Hareline Hard to get a decent photo of just now good it looks...hope the seatrout agree..
  7. Picture Gallery
    Happy Monday's sneaked this beauty before lockdown on lower tummel yesterday might just be the first and last springer of this season hope we All get back out fishing soon
  8. Off Topic Lounge
    Arguments aside if we get a lockdown which is likely what will you all get up to apart from working from home. We have a new telly arriving tomorrow so Netflix will take a bashing, I will also be tying some flies in the hope that I can fish eventually. Apart from that I hope to try and keep fit...
  9. General Board
    Just been informed that my fishing on one of the Tweed beats has cancelled for April, the estate office has been kind and offered the reservation will be kept for me next year. I hope that all the estates will follow suit or refund the dosh. Good on the Hirsel.
  10. Off Topic Lounge
    The now obligatory trash talking (aka marketing) is over now, the fight itself soon to commence. I hope Fury wins but I have a feeling that Wilder will land one of his bombs before the last round and win by KO. I also wonder if Fury won't be quite as focussed or prepared after his wrestling...
  11. Hairwing Fly Patterns
    I was searching through pictures on my computer for inspiration for my fly tying classes when I found these flies from 2014. I immediately recognised them as Jockiescott's tying so searched his posts on the Forum but as the pictures from this time are missing I can only presume they were in this...
  12. General Board
    So what will 2020 bring us in the salmon fishing world, any predictions? All doom and gloom again or any glimmers of hope? By some strange twist of fate I've found myself in the Far North where nearly everything appears to be pretty rosy compared to the rest of the UK. One worry is if we will...
  13. General Board
    As usual on xmas morning I start by opening presents that appear to be clothes, not the ungrateful sort I hate getting clothes as gifts. I like to choose my own. I opened what appeared to be an item of clothing to find a book wrapped in bubble wrap and a dish cloth to make it look like a...
  14. Trout Fishing
    Some footage from last month of dollaghan (strain of Brown Trout from Lough Neagh, N Ireland), great to get a closer look at what happens under the surface! Hope you enjoy :) (NB. this was filmed under license) Dollaghan Diary 2019 - YouTube
  15. Reels
    Edit: have removed pics as it looks like a "For Sale" thread Trying to put a price on a decent Marquis 3 (Brass foot model) plus 3 extra spools and lines etc but looking on that big auction site, it's hard to get a decent ball park figure? Struggling to shift my other reels for sale just now...
  16. North American Fly Patterns
  17. Off Topic Lounge
    I hope this link works, utterly heartbreaking, what have we done? Page not found | Facebook if not, which suspect may be the case, checkout this guy's FB page. Aleš Richter soft chair, big glass tiem again I'm afraid
  18. Traditional/Fully Dressed Patterns
    I recently bought some Ken Sawada Spey singles that Andrzej had tied a few of his flies on. I only got the chance to try them during the week. I thought I'd try a more Speyish variant of the fly I tied for one of the TOTMs last year. So, I've wound a GP red breast feather along with blue hen...
  19. Hairwing Fly Patterns
    The Winter's Hope is a North American flatwing pattern for steelhead as far as I know. I tied these with mixed fox wings. Done one with a silver body, more like the original, and one with an editor type body, as it reminds me of this pattern a lot. Had grilse on similar patterns in the past so...
  20. General Board
    A pair of swallows have just returned to the barn . I hope the other pair return soon. Sorry about the picture quality. Colin.
1-20 of 57 Results