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  1. Irish Shrimp Fly Patterns
    I first saw this pattern in Peter O'Reilly's book around 20 years ago but had never tried it. Gwelsher sent me some flies one time and there was a flouresc green shrimp among them. I remember using it one evening at the river a few years back when I hooked 5 salmon in a few hours and there were...
  2. General Board
    River Ewe, Tee Pool, 1981 (aged 7). 5+3/4lb. Fishing on my own with a fibreglass Diawa Osprey (which I've still got in the shed), Pfleuger reel, and of all things a beaten up old dapping fly on the end. Can remember seeing the boil as it took like it was yesterday. Played it for what seemed...
  3. General Board
    As usual on xmas morning I start by opening presents that appear to be clothes, not the ungrateful sort I hate getting clothes as gifts. I like to choose my own. I opened what appeared to be an item of clothing to find a book wrapped in bubble wrap and a dish cloth to make it look like a...
  4. Picture Gallery
    Nipped up to Doune this morning for a couple of hours. Anyone who has fished the Bridge Pool will know why I have headed thethread "staggering" The rocks and ledges are like walking on pure ice and with a wee push behind you can be interesting.:) The Brig O' Teith seen from the pool below. A...
  5. Picture Gallery
    Managed a couple of hours this afternoon and hooked this fella.
  6. Picture Gallery
    Caught my first ever salmon this week, a grilse of around 4lb on the river Spey, river was up so spinning. Next day at the same place I hooked into another small fish but lost it after a couple of minutes. Then I hooked this fish, and it felt completely different, heart pumping I finally landed...
  7. General Board
    From loop to hook Out for my first day of the season and hooked into this one
  8. General Board
    Free swinging hook I know there has been many threads on free swing hooks ,I fished a black and silver 1" plastic tube yesterday evening with a free swinging size 12 treble, ( my very last treble, binned later :thumb:) , single spey casting with a switch rod , 8ft + ? x 12lb leader, no...
  9. Video Gallery
    Does anyone have and Hooked on Fishing DVD’s or VHS? I am looking at converting my old VHS videos to MP4s via the PC and at the same time would like to get some more episodes. I am mostly looking for: The Hooked on Scotland Regions episodes from the BBC from the 1990’s The fly fishing...
  10. Worm Fishing
    Ok, first time for me fishing for salmon with worms. I set up with some 9lb line, #8 bait holder hook and freeline it. Managed to land 7 trout and 3 smolts so far in 2 days. Now I'm wondering, all the fish were nicely lip hooked. :peace: but everyone saying fish swallow the worm, I'm thinking...
  11. General Board
    I've just returned from a lovely week on the Helmsdale, my first exposure to this wonderful little river and its exceptional variety. We were short of water until the Friday night, with only 5 inches on the gauge, 2 of those supplied by release from the loch. I moved a fish with my third cast...
  12. General Board
    The Hooked series with Paul Young is being shown on STV2, started last night so get your Betamax’s fired up!
  13. General Board
    With news of big fish about, i sped off at breakneck speed down the A96, clean draars pulled on the night before for speed in the morning, for a day rod on the Northie yesterday. Met the Ghillie, pleasantries exchanged with the other rods i then set off for the most appealing spot. Anticipation...
  14. General Board
    Tuesday's effort with the Ure running at + 3' 6". A lovely strong grilse of almost 6 lbs in excellent condition bearing in mind that it's run almost 150 miles from the North Sea. Hooked in the tail of a pool and headed off into the fast water below, which gave me 6 minutes of great sport.
  15. General Board
    As my preferred method of fishing is worming, i obviously use a weight which has led me to catch a few odd balls, such as a sheeps scull ,and another time i hooked something heavy but because i was fishing in a back eddy with the current cumming towards me i was gaining line when i saw what...
  16. Picture Gallery
    3lb 8oz brown trout from the Luther, biggest I've ever caught, thought it was a grilse when I hooked it until he came up to the surface!
  17. General Board
    Who is or was your favorite t.v fishing presenter , mine would be Paul Young Hooked on Scotland followed by Jack Charlton
  18. General Board
    Stopped off for a quick throw, hooked into this 1
  19. Picture Gallery
    Not a typical Teith fish quite slim but covered in lice. Thought it was considerably bigger as every time I applied some pressure it shot off into deeper water. Was about 8lb. Turns out was hooked in the tongue which might explain its behaviour. Recovered ok though and heading for Callander..
  20. Picture Gallery
    Got this and lost one ;););) i hooked it and my helper landed it .
1-20 of 22 Results