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  1. General Board
    Has anyone bought the new X7 in the 12:6 and what’s your honest thoughts on it compared to the S1
  2. General Board
    What do you guys use for small tube trebles...about sizes 10-14.... I tried a few types this season and most were too easy to open up to be honest. I'd hate to lose a fish due to hook failure....
  3. General Board
    Havnt posted pics of a catch lately as dnt like to offend anyone , but I've released a few this season and decided to keep this one , To be honest I've decided it's the last fish I'll kill ,
  4. Ebay Bargains
    Just placed an ad for this rod on eBay. its in very good condition. I am not sure what the right price should be to be honest. All I know is that they are £600 when new. Open to reasonable offers and returns accepted. Loop Opti Power Spey 10150 Salmon Rod 5 piece carbon travel line 10/1, VG...
  5. General Board
    How do you go about posting pictures now from your mobile? It has been a while since I've posted but the paper clip thingy isn't working for me? I have also done a search but that unearthed nothing to help, or do with pictures at all if I'm honest! :batty: :help: Cheers andy
  6. General Board
    Sad news arrived to me at the weekend that long serving SFF member DONDEE passed away suddenly last Friday after a battle with illness which we all thought he had defeated. I dont know how well anyone on here knew him but DH was a much valued work colleague to me, and in that few years working...
  7. Hardy
    Anybody using one of these? What's your line choices & honest opinions of this rod? Cheers MM
1-7 of 7 Results