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  1. Classified Wanted
    Hi Guys looking for the above rods just resurrected my 3 piece 13ft Norway and still love it.But it barely fits into my car boot. If anyone has either or both of the above and are willing to part with them.I have a selection of high end rods or reels to barter or cash whichever suits. Complete...
  2. Welsh Rivers
    Hi all and especially those who fish the Welsh Dee, I thought I’d get things kicked off for 2020. Anyone been out, I know the river was a bit high for the 17th - but anyone had a go? After the multiple high water / flood conditions (over 2+ metre on Manley Hall gauge a number of times) how...
  3. Picture Gallery
    Couple of days on the Oich Tuesday/Wednesday with the brother. Early start Tuesday up through Glencoe with a quick stop at Spean Bridge. Water very high but gin clear Tuesday through rain/snowmelt and generating. Concentrated on the high water pools Kytra and Park. Very nice springer hooked...
  4. Shrimp Fly Patterns
    These are heading for the Dee next week if the river is still high
  5. Fly Tying Topics
    Hi, I am looking for a high quality JC cape. Would appreciate any tips on where I could find a nice cape. Thanks in advance!
  6. Fly Tying Topics
    Anybody know where I might get this. Have searched high and low, but no joy. Thanks.
  7. Irish Rivers Reports & News
    While it is still a long wait to the 1 April opening now is the time to get out on the river and do a bit of bank work to ensure easy access to the pools. With the legacy of 2 closed periods and the current shortened season many beats have become overgrown with brambles, gorse and small trees...
  8. Classified Sales
    Real baby seals fur for dubbing PRICE REDUCED TO £55 Posted Hi folks. I have a very large bag of the aforementioned undyed. This stuff sells for about £50 for 50 gramme. This bag weighs 100 grammes The bags densely packed and about 13"x 5" x 5" and of a very high quality. I have 2 of them but...
  9. Classified Wanted
    Anyone got some part used Junglecock for sale , I know some guys Are only using the very small feathers, I Am interested in the medium to large left overs on high Quality capes. Cash waiting or high quality trades available we Polar bear or Junglecock
  10. Spare Rod/Member Meet-Ups/Fishing Days/Trips
    Spare rod on above beat tomorrow. Looks like river may be running high with current rain. Pm for details. SEPA Water Levels - Findhorn @ Shenachie Mike
  11. Fly Tying Topics
    Well the fishing is so poor at the minute so I'm messing about with some materials I have lying about so decided to give this style of fly ago , I dnt think the wing is sitting high enough so looking sone advice on how to get it sitting higher plz , all criticism welcome
  12. Classified Wanted
    Wanted spinning rod, 9 to 10ft to cast lures 15 to 50 grams. Should be in good condition. Diawa or Abu would be OK. To be used when water is too high for fly rod. Please PM me details and price.
  13. Picture Gallery
    There seem to be some fresh fish entering the Dee on the back of the high water.
  14. Hunting & Shooting
    Merle hasn't been right since she had suspected Lyme Disease last year - she gets out of breath really easily, doesn't have as much energy. I've been ignoring it in the hope that it will get better (she lost a lot of condition when she was ill, I assumed it was just a long slow recovery, as I...
  15. Picture Gallery
    With rivers big and dirty in the NE Scotland on Monday, and with the Deveron @ Huntly the only NE river to be falling away, and being a high water beat, i stopped off on the A96 on my way up to Inverness with work and got a permit. I only fished 4 hours but for £20 who`s complaining. Probably...
  16. General Board
    Don't know if it's just me but I go through waders pretty quickly and am always doing running repairs. I've used Diver Dave with good results but need some new ones now. I cannot bring myself to part with so much dosh for high end ultra exsprnsive stuff. Any recommendations for hard wareing...
  17. Classified Sales
    Salmologic Running line 0.34 Green Pre looped both ends. Used for two hours at most, so in almost new condition, complete with box etc.. High quality running line, but just not needed £30.00 Inc Postage to mainland uk
  18. General Board
    A reel actually but I don't want a WTB (want to buy) thread, I just want to see what availability is in your country. I'd like to have a Hardy Swift reel, preferably a size 7/8 also known as the #975 model but I might be able to use a 5/6 - #925 model. I see some for sale on eBay but the costs...
  19. Other Videos
    First time I have seen this way of stocking the high lakes in Utah See how lakes are stocked from the air - CNN Video
  20. General Board
    With low water and high temperatures, what are folks thoughts on continuing fishing, especially where there is CCR? I personally don't mind if I intend to kill my catch but what is the impact for released fish in these conditions especially as this could easily continue into late summer?
1-20 of 34 Results