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  1. Step by Step
    Hi All I was asked by a member to do a video of the above, so here it is: I managed to get a fish on the Pert Beat of the North Esk on its first outing, so I must be doing something right. :) I hope you all like it and it proves helpful! Any constructive comments welcome. mikh
  2. Scottish Rivers
    Thinking of giving the Orchy a try, what are the better beats to try. IE, there are Dalmally 1.2 & 3. Of these which beat would you guys try? . Also any other contacts other than the usual fish pal ones would be very helpful.
  3. Traditional/Fully Dressed Patterns
    Size 1/0. I'd like to thank here for munro who has provided me with some very helpful info about Dee fly wings, thank you Sir :yo:
  4. General Board
    Has anybody ever used this, if so how does it compare to the other fluoros. Any comments would be helpful.
  5. Fly Tying Topics
    Sometimes forget what a great resource the fly tying section on here is. Been recommended some flies to tie by the regulars on the mid-clyde and found them all and a multitude of excellent variants, all beautifully tied and pictured (some with materials lists, which is very helpful), so a big...
  6. River Spey
    Anyone fished the beat and can advise how it compares to Grantown Ascn water in September? Also, a contact would be very helpful. Thinking of heading up for a day next week. Cheers, Ryan
  7. General Board
    Hi All. Just a thank you to Guide fly fishing, I had a minor issue with a pair of waders, and they couldn't have been more helpful. Credit were credits due to Richard and his team. Thanks again. Esk1.
  8. General Board
    I've been trying to find some information about Kirby Lonsdale A.C. Searching the internet produces nothing , which is quite unusual in this day and age . Just a list of their stretches of the Lune would be helpful , especially their water at Underley Hall . Do they have the left or right bank ...
1-8 of 8 Results