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  1. Classified Sales
    For sale. Rio skagit max 675gr 43.8gm. 25ft / 7.6 mtr Line like new, test cast only, too heavy for my rod, would suit 10/11 wt rod £40 posted
  2. Picture Gallery
    After I left the river on Saturday, the river rose from 1m to over 2.5m with snow melt so that was going to give me the Monday morning blues as I expected the river to be unfishable. A chance look at the levels at lunch time showed that it was dropping quicker than expected and was around 1.2m...
  3. General Board
    Hi, I’ve been looking at getting a new reel and fancied a danielsson and after reading the comments on the other reel thread I think I’m away to invest. But I’m not sure which model? I will be using it for rage shooting heads on my 11’9” sage TCX and for rage and an integrated Barrio switch line...
  4. Shrimp Fly Patterns
    Getting ready for the spring, an orange shrimp type thing on a 1” copper tube for heavy waters.
  5. General Board
    Been suffering quite a bit on Ribble so far this season with a heavy "stain" or a Black look to the water and at times no inconsiderable amount of foam. Now to my eyes that's down to a heavy peat stain and I for one have never had a great deal of luck fishing under heavy peat stain conditions...
  6. General Board
    This is happening far too often. EA and NRW need to come down heavy on offenders. Mystery as 6,000 trout and salmon die in 'largest ever fish kill' | UK News | Sky News
  7. Classified Sales
    Selling my Skagit rod not getting much use these days,regarded as a favourite skagit rod by many it certainly did it for me with lines from 630/720 and big heavy tips,very strong rod that can bend right into the butt £120 +postage at buyers expence For pics send email address
  8. Swap Shop
    I have 3 heavy mo tips ,looking for to swap for light or medium mo tips.Two of the tips have been used once,and the other is used. Sizes are 2-5 float 7-5 t14, 5’ float 5’ t14 by 2. SORTED THANKS.
  9. Shrimp Fly Patterns
    A few Calvins tied on Ahrex heavy wire singles size 8
  10. Classified Sales
    Selling a brand new LTS SCS shooting head and floating tip 8/9 39gm,received this as a gift but too heavy for my rod,looking for £45 posted which is half price of a new one
  11. Sage
    Hello all, just a quick question for anyone that owns or has used a 16' Z-Axis. I'm thinking that an Airflo Rage 660 with 14'+ polyleaders might be a good fit for this rod. I already have a Carron 75' for light leaders and a Rio flight 750 for t14 heavy stuff, I'm looking for something kind of...
  12. Shooting Heads
    Dear hive mind, Do those of you who use the Airflo Rage heads find that they feel heavy for their grain weight? I recently bought the 600gr Rage Hover for use on a rod that works well with a Rio AFS 9/10 (38gram) and couldn't get on with it at all. I was using a 10' slow sink poly with it and it...
  13. Northern European Style Patterns
    A friend of mine is fishing Repparfjordelva and asked for a few flies. Basically, I tied what I'd fish myself. A green Highlander, a Monkey, Pikku Musta and a heavy Frances. (all variants) Tight lines, in case we get to see some decent rain...
  14. Shrimp Fly Patterns
    Shrimp and Rabbit. One for a Sea Pool, take a Slob too I reckon. Went a bit heavy on the dubbing loop mind. . . . Added a better couple of pictures.
  15. Classified Wanted
    Looking for a heavy spinning rod suitable for saltwater use, ideally something like an Ugly Stick etc. Please PM me with anything you might have. Cheers
  16. General Board
    Hi, has anybody any experience of the Loop Cross SX 13"2' 8 weight. Wondering about the balance and would a Loop Classic 79 be too heavy for it. Also like the look of the hardy ultralite mtx reel thanks in advance
  17. Classified Sales
    Bought new from Fawcett unused..... Ideal for switch rods or smaller double handers. This is the HEAVY DUTY MODEL. Can be inspected and collected...£150.... Also have a new spare spool available. PM QUESTIONS.......SOLD...........
  18. General Board
    Well after waiting on the postie to deliver my hooks which I bought of eBay , I can’t believe the **** that come so contacted the seller who assumes me these are partridge code P heavy doubles , nothing like the heavy code P.s I’ve been using this pass few months , either I’m missing something...
  19. General Board
    Morning all Few of my friends are due to fish Ballogie next week and asked if anyone knew what the conditions might be like? Will snow melt, heavy rain etc make the river unfishable? Thanks in advance Fairhope
  20. Shrimp Fly Patterns
    Wee pearly Calvin's on a 8 partridge heavy double
1-20 of 30 Results