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  1. Off Topic Lounge
    MI9 have reduced Jezza Gonebyn's security status. He's now been downgraded to a more favourable 50/50 to make it through Parisienne road tunnels. 'One less terrorista Brian Cant to deal with' could be heard on the hushed mutterings of many south bank civil servants as they discussed their final...
  2. General Board
    Keep getting these popping up on my facepuke page. World's Most Comfortable Waders - iWader They sound good, but ain't ever even heard of the brand before. Any thought's/ input folks?
  3. Irish Rivers Reports & News
    Just wondering has anyone fished ballisodare fishery and whats it like does it fish throughout the season never really heard a whole lot about it
  4. General Board
    I’ve been reading the second edition of Simon Gawesworth’s book ‘Spey Casting’ (very well put together) that I was recently given. In the chapter on safety he mentions taping the rod to prevent sections working apart leading to breakage. I’ve never heard of or seen that before and so an...
  5. General Board
    Have any of you wannabe ghillies seen the advert for a ghillie on the river Naver. I heard its on Rural recruits website and FB page...
  6. General Board
    Going to get some for fishing the dry flee up on the hill lochs. Any recommendations best one to go for have heard some are very brittle snap easily due to them being so thin.
  7. General Board
    Eeek, Think I might know most folks thoughts so far on this season. Iv heard , with sea changing, and fish traveling further, might be one reason they not here. Heard big floods few years ago, killed lot the smolt run. It goes on. Not trying be smart here, but what the general thoughts on whats...
  8. General Board
    Any fish being caught in the Ericht or is it too early? Fancied a wee throw on it again soon but haven’t heard nor seen anything about catches so far this season.
  9. Rookies Corner
    Hello. Im new to salmon fishing. Id like some info on any rivers in north west of uk that hold any salmon and are available to fish with a days permit. I live in Bolton, anything near by would be ideal. I know river ribble is close, but ive heard its not so good anymore, dont know if its true...
  10. General Board
    Are any beats refunding rods in the light of the extreme weather, or has anyone had success with the fishpal insurance scheme, I have heard its not so straightforward when you try and claim from them.
  11. General Board
    Compulsory catch and release on the Eden and Border Esk ! Only heard the news on my local rivers, any others know any news ?
  12. English Rivers
    Well sent my dates in for some trips to the pool ;) Not heard any more about the proposals concerning Woodmill. Tightlines lines for 2018 Sewinfly. .........
  13. General Board
    A post this evening by JACK POWER referred to a book by Sidney Spencer. I have most of his books and they are my absolute favourites from my small library. I lend them to no one! What has always intrigued me is who was Sidney Spencer... is the name a pen-name? What did he do other than...
  14. North Atlantic Salmon Conservation
    Well, I had never heard of such a thing until I came across it on youtube tonight. Could it be adopted in the UK in certain situations, perhaps but I don't feel qualified to say, at least it's quite interesting :)
  15. Traditional/Fully Dressed Patterns
    Hi everybody. I Hope I'm posting on the right place here. I fancy over the winter trying my hand at tying some flies. The question is as the title. I have only started to fish for salmon and sea trout and am slowly building up a collection of flies and tube flies of various sizes. Now then these...
  16. Rods
    Hello, I'm just starting out fishing for salmon & Sea trout, in fact haven't even tried it yet. I'm after a switch rod, My problem is which one. I don't want to go down the stupid money road as I can't afford it. I have heard people talk about the Shakespeare oracle which is cheap but by all...
  17. General Board
    Just heard on the radio a fisherman was robbed of a rolex watch and pushed in the river when fishing the Leven, has anyone heard anything about this?
  18. River Dee
    i have stayed at the Feughside Inn, near Banchory, several times since the Learney Arms at Torphins closed, and found it to be perfectly OK, and well situated for Middle Dee beats. Just heard a rumour though that it has now closed as a pub and may just be doing B&B, (No evening food and no bar)...
1-18 of 18 Results