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  1. Fly Tying Topics
    Hi, When I was tying my Cascade doubles I also tied a few with green butts but I have never fished with a green butt cascade & wondered if it makes any difference or not to catches. It would be good to hear opinions on this as I like the look of the fly with the green butt which I used Varivas...
  2. Fishing Videos
    Did I hear it correctly? 70 fish on the opening day, 12 for 1 angler in 2 days? River Em Opening Days 2020 - YouTube
  3. Picture Gallery
    First Welsh Lady From a small Welsh spate river high up in the Severn system. Water levels have just dropped back following heavy rain, an unexpected but extremely welcome surprise. Ive not seen one here before and hear only occasional whispers about them making it this far. 81cm and went back...
  4. Off Topic Lounge
    I didn’t hear it myself, but hear Simon gave a good account on Jeremy Vine today - regarding shooting not fishing, but in many ways we’re all in the same anti’s crosshairs. Thanks Simon. ? Oscar.
  5. News & Features
    ...Front page of the Times tomorrow. The ‘all at sea’ excuse we hear a lot may come into question.
  6. General Board
    With the bit of rain we've had past couple of days has put the rivers into a flow I'm hoping to hear of any salmon caught on the waters today!
  7. General Board
    I hear someone on here has won the Malloch Trophy Well done that man !!!:nod::nod::nod::)
  8. Other Tackle
    I've got a hammerhead and use it whenever I use my staff. These are a huge improvement on lanyards/slings. Just ordered one of these Cortland large retractor, as back up - interested to hear of any views or experiences of the Cortland? CORTLAND LARGE ZINGER Retriever Heavy duty - PS7.95 |...
  9. Off Topic Lounge
    I was out doing some training with the dogs up on the moor above Ilkley this afternoon when I could hear 100s of Geese approaching. I could hear them for a while before I could see them then I'd say roughly 200 flew over my head heading South in 8-10 skeins.Pink Feet I think.It was an impressive...
  10. Rods
    Hi anybody had one built from this guy? I hear he’s really good and uses Harrison Blanks.
  11. General Board
    Hi forum..I have heard of salmon.sea trout..and pike being caught on Loch lomond.but never hear of anybody fishing for it worth trying..many thanks for any advise..FD
  12. Hairwing Fly Patterns
    Not a fly I use much but I'm going to have to try them out a bit more this season if we ever get decent conditions. I'd like to hear others views on their attempts at using wake flies
  13. Jackets
    Good afternoon, i was wondering if anyone had experience with the above wading jacket. I would be be particularly interested to hear about waterproof qualities before I decide to spend.
  14. Scottish Rivers
    The fishing season has opened and now we wait to hear if any early rods are having some spring success!
  15. Spinning
    I've found with rapalas i only land 50/60% of fish, id like to hear other members experiences with them. Thanks Al
  16. Others
    Hi Folks, Has anyone tried the new Meiser 6 piece DH rods ? Would be keen to hear what they are like. Thanks, LB
  17. General Board
    Anybody any line recommendations fr this rod? I'm interested to hear experience with different set ups, thanks.
  18. General Board
    I have just bought a new sage rod details above. can anyone recommend a skagit setup to suite ? I have a few ideas in mind but would like to hear other fisher men's opinions. Maybe Laser running line etc
  19. Rods
    Anyone with any experience of the above rod ? Would like to hear all comments, good or bad :D
  20. Rookies Corner
    Does anyone know why there are no grayling in Ireland OR are they there and we don,t hear any reports Thanks
1-20 of 22 Results