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  1. Classified Sales
    Selling the above spare spool in great condition. A couple of tiny faint marks on the rim which you have to look hard to notice. Comes in original pouch. £85 including post in UK. Or swap for L5W 8twelve spool. Cheers Diarmid.
  2. General Board
    I wonder when this epidemic is all over how many small tackle shops will have survived the lockdown ? its hard enough for them to make a living competing with the likes of Ebay never mind this
  3. Classified Sales
    Having a clear out. I have one of these gathering dust on top of the whisky wardrobe. It's not a toy , and comes with a hard case. Free to a beginner for a donation to RNLI. Pickup / meet within 30 mile radius of Glasgow. GONE
  4. Patterns for other species
    Stocking up the saltwater box First real go with craft fur, works well with a dubbed body underneath giving a lovely glow, hard to get a good pic though Cheers Cb
  5. Picture Gallery
    Thread deleted
  6. General Board
    Don't know if it's just me but I go through waders pretty quickly and am always doing running repairs. I've used Diver Dave with good results but need some new ones now. I cannot bring myself to part with so much dosh for high end ultra exsprnsive stuff. Any recommendations for hard wareing...
  7. Off Topic Lounge
    Die Hard. What is yours?
  8. Classified Sales
    For sale , lamson litespeed 4 hard alox, in good condition. A few scratches around the reel frame side but the spool is A1. It comes in original box, with original neoprene reel pouch and a couple of spare clickers. £120.00 posted to the UK REEL SOLD
  9. Tie of the month
    Try these on Tyne. Try not to be too hard on me - no lamp oil !!
  10. Off Topic Lounge
    The bright hot weather and lack of rain made my recent trout fishing trip hard going. However, the weather showed Scotland off at its finest. A few photos:
  11. Classified Sales
    A cracking malcolm grey of Alnwick 9ft6 for a 5 line. finished in a lovely blue colour and a sweet rod for those river trout. Would suit both beginners and the more experienced who enjoy the lighter lines. Can send pics on request comes in a hard malcolm greys tube and is 3 section. Looking...
  12. General Board
    Well, be writing a wee email today to Simms. Have had a pair of G3 boots with a felt sole for a few years and they have had a lot of wear. I screwed in the hard bite studs when new and these studs are still going strong with hardly any wear whatsoever. Got a new pair of the latest G3 boots with...
  13. Greys
    Anyone with experience of this rod that can share their opinions? In general its hard to find any opinons about the GR50 double hand series. Good or bad?
  14. River Dee
    Hi all, Had a fabulous 3 days on the Dee this week...wanted to share the good news as I’m hearing so much negativity. First time in the RBL for me, and what a cracking place. Quiet, a little bit dated but fabulous staff and food made us very welcome indeed. Twin room was big, clean and...
  15. Fly Tying Topics
    Where is best place to get this please?
  16. Fly Tying Topics
    Does anyone know where it can be purchased or is it hard to find .or what is the nearest substitute ,I have red squirrel but it's a very light colour ,looking for a darker colour. Thanks .
  17. General Board
    possibly been posted here before but i found truly shocking and hard to watch aquaculture at its best i know its about the USA/Canada salmon but its really relevant to us over here too Salmon Confidential Documentary 2013 British Columbia - YouTube
  18. General Board
    I started receiving mail from Dr Martin Jaffa a few months ago and find it hard not to laugh at a scientist publishing this one sided propaganda. Thought it was worth a read. reLAKSation no 849 | Relaksation
1-19 of 29 Results