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  1. Classified Sales
    Hi. I am Selling a Rio Connect Core Shooting / Running Line (0.037") Pale Blue/Hot Orange 17' handling section in good used condition. AN INCREDIBLY SENSITIVE SHOOTING LINE WITH fantastic no-tangle performance -the best shooting line ever made. • Ultra-low stretch ConnectCore allows anglers...
  2. Classified Sales
    Rio Connect Core Running Line 0.032" Green with orange handling Section 0.043" Rio Connect Core 0.032" Diameter 20lbs breaking strain with Orange Handling Section 14ft 0.043"- bought New September 2017 - had very little use - £25 delivered - SOLD subject to the usual
  3. Fly Tying Topics
    Having, in the course of my legal career, encountered several cases of cancer acquired by handling toxic dyes, I worry about using picric-dyed materials. I have just read on the internet a paper by a chemist suggesting that picric dust is toxic. I wonder if such dust can be left as a residue on...
  4. General Board
    Just wondering what is the views are on "handling fish" ? There has been many studies which say that handling fish out of the water in any way will disrupt its internal organs and it wont spawn and will probably die also that the bacteria off your hands will kill it ....... whats your view's? I...
  5. General Board
    After watching fishing programs from overseas this last few days it would seem the norm to wear these cotton type gloves when handling fish. To my mind how how can these be better than the smooth wet skin of a hand when compared to the woven/knitted (ok micro) materials of these gloves? Maybe...
  6. General Board
    Hope you enjoy and feel free to add comments on the handling
  7. Head Cam Videos
    My Marquis reels have served me well for years this the no/1 I use on mt 10ft lpxe . What a racket they make when you get a good fish on especially an early springer like this one. I've had a wee bit criticism on the handling but it was a very lively fish and a difficult one point I...
1-7 of 7 Results