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  1. Classified Sales
    Hello, hello and hello again my happy fishing Forum friends. I have a Guideline NT8 14ft 9" 4 piece fly rod rated 10/ 11 for sale. It has been fished with for half a day and used once for about half an hour since then. With everything else I have it just does not get used. Sat in the rod cave...
  2. North American Fly Patterns
    Rusty Rat Here is my second fly for the MSA auction box. The modern day version of the Rusty Rat. This is by far the most famous of the Rat series. While I tied 8 of them in sizes 2 through 6, here is one of the size 6s. Cheers! Marc Tag: Fine oval gold tinsel Tail: Peacock sword Body...
  3. Hairwing Fly Patterns
    Just a sit down for half hour at the vice
  4. Swap Shop
    Mackenzie G2 Spey line multi tip 56ft head Comes with 4 tips,float,inter,medium sink and fast sink Only used half day so in super condition 3 tips unused and 1 used half day Swap for 9/10 shooting head multi tip or what you got
  5. Fly Tying Topics
    Had some fun framing up some flies for the camp wall using "beaver cut" wood as an integral part of the framing. Same piece of wood in both frames cut in half on the band saw. Gary
  6. Hairwing Fly Patterns
    I got my hen capes and eventually got a wee bit of spare time to sit at the vice and play with them, so I had a wee shot at jockiescott's 3 hackle Willie.. This was my first attempt at it and I'll be playing around with the pattern a bit more by stripping one side of the yellow or the orange...
  7. Traditional/Fully Dressed Patterns
    The James Harper version. Not as exciting a pattern as I thought it might be. The pattern describes a 'fan' overwing - however I couldn't bring myself to do it as what I consider to be a fan wing looks horrible, so I broke up the lower half of the wing instead. Dx
  8. General Board
    Before this year, I'd never broken a rod in my life. This year, my tally now stands at three! I started the year by getting the middle joint on my favourite rod stuck together. Various friends came over to use their favourite "never fail" techniques to unstick it. They all failed and ripped...
  9. General Board
    Considering we havnt got much rain this season and only be out about 7 half decent days not doing badbad all eating
  10. Shrimp Fly Patterns
    Half gold bodied and half black willue Gunn flamethrower style!
  11. Off Topic Lounge
    An no he's no just caught a salmon ? in the wee hours this mornin he became a proud Daddy to a 7lb 10 wee girl (sophie) best wishes to him and his better half he'll be able to get his rods out again in about 18 years
  12. Classified Wanted
    Hi, Does anyone have a spare vac rac lying about? I have one half of a pair,the other was pinched. Ta John
  13. Classified Sales
    For sale Lakeland brahma rooster half capes one yellow,one hot orange,new and unused.£11 each p/p available.jg CAPES SOLD jg
  14. Shakespeare
    Scandi 13,9 When taking my rod down today I noticed that the varnish has come away from the blank, at two joints, there a opaque colour to the varnish around the edges of the blank, is that normal? I know they aren't expensive but it's only had a half hours use. I, ve checked it with a loupe...
  15. Classified Sales
    For sale excellent condition meiser mks 13ft6 8/9# Very little use since purchase, hence the reason to sell. I will try to post pictures later. £395 + half postage costs. Discount if buyer collects from Moray or Aberdeen area. Cheers Conehead Rod now sold.
  16. General Board
    :confused: good or bad buy ons sale half price at JN Harkila Mountain Hunter GTX 10in Boots
  17. Classified Sales
    Lakeland brahma rooster half cape yellow. Lakeland brahma rooster half cape hot orange. Chevron hen half cape hot orange. All new and unused,beautiful feathers £30 posted.jg Capes sold.jg
  18. General Board
    Thinking of going over to the emerald isle for a wee holiday this summer , probably 10 days or so. I'm looking for advice in where to go, it doesn't matter which part of Ireland as I will take my car over. I am looking for a good quality salmon river so I can have a couple of days fishing, with...
  19. Classified Sales
    20 x #6 partridge faulkus out barb trebles in nickle and grey shaddow and half a dozen #6 big mouth doubles £15 posted
1-19 of 26 Results