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  1. General Board
    Good luck to all intrepid anglers for tomorrows first day on Dee ,Tweed and all the other opening waters. Let's hope the grue dissapeares early and there's a chance of a springer. Tight lines all.
  2. General Board
    These are images of the River Dee at Inchmarlo and the Tay at Cargill on 31/01/2019. The Dee is only 50 miles further north but is full of Ice and Grue where the Tay is almost Ice free. Tight lines for those fishing the Dee tomorrow on Opening Day. Hope the Grue lifts as the day wears on. The...
  3. General Board
    I was wondering could anyone put something positive into this, i.e. have you caught fish when the grue is on or just off the water. We've not had the problem for a year or two but I can remember odd occasions waiting for grue to clear towards lunchtime and I can't remember catching a fish when...
  4. Picture Gallery
  5. Picture Gallery
    Plenty of grue, -7c at the time. t.c.
  6. General Board
    For you southern softies who haven't see it before, this is Grue on the Dee at Potarch Bridge this morning 19/1/18
1-6 of 6 Results