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  1. Patterns for other species
    Productive morning - deadly wee beasties for all trout species Size 10 Fulling mill super grub hook - some with chain beads, some with 3d eyes
  2. Irish Shrimp Fly Patterns
  3. Patterns for other species
    Kopperbassen - a Scandanavian gammarus pattern for salty seatrout - simple and deadly Tied on Size 10 fulling mill heavy grub hook
  4. Other Tackle
    It looks possible that my health imposed absence from outdoors may be drawing to a close , and I was wondering what folks are using to keep grub / drinks hot these days ? My old green hammerite Stanleys are only fit for the scrap heap..
  5. General Board
    On a lighter note to lift the mood lol After decades of cold cheese sarnies and crips/juice etc and about three years ago decided to go upmarket with the fishing grub and bought a cheap gas hob and gas bottle to cook my bank side grub and what a difference a bacon/sausage/frying steak et al...
  6. Prawn & Shrimp
    I was going to floatfish with a prawn but it looks like i will have to freeline or does the spinning mean i can use a float.:confused: Bait fishing, using any type of rod and line or legal terminal tackle, provided that the bait be docken grub, wasp grub, caddeslarvae or stone fly creeper...
1-6 of 6 Results