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  1. Classified Sales
    275grain integrated shooting head and running line. Boxed, brand new. Tried for 5 minutes in the river next to the house. Great line but not quite what I need. €€€SOLD€€€
  2. General Board
    What you think about the interviews?(am not on facebook,watch on catch up) personally I’ve loved the chats with Ian Gordon,very informative and sounds like your dream fishing partner ? ie would help you out and tell you some great stories sitting at the waters edge .
  3. Hunting & Shooting
    New addition to the household, lovely wee girl with a great field trial pedigree, hope i can do her justice:) with her new pals
  4. General Board
    a bit of a long shot but does anyone have any of these in there box or back of a cupboard,partridge/spigot tube fly,but cant remember the name or code,picture a bit blurry,i find these great hooks and down to my last couple :amen:
  5. Classified Sales
    Got an old Hardy perfect, its a 3 3/4" great for shorter rods around the 12' to 13' mark, its in great condition and sounds great but it just sits in a bag and never gets used. Looking for £375 just to get my money back.
  6. Fly Tying Topics
    Picked up this bird from a local gamekeeper, it died overnight on him, nice wings on it think it would make great sedge flies, murroughs or green Peters, seems to be a very dark colour
  7. Fly Rods
    Finishing on Monday. Great Hardy rod, Made in England. Hardy Favourite Graphite Fly Rod. 2pce, 9ft 3ins #4/5. Very Good Condition. | eBay
  8. General Board
    I've refrained form commenting on whats going on all about us, primarily as there's very little I can actually do about it all.I'm down as a key worker(rightly or wrongly, as I'm a part of the food chain), my wife had a heart event last year late on and is an at risk person-as we are both age...
  9. Fly Tying Topics
    I just opened a small packet from yesterday's mail to find some beautiful #10 double hooks some for tubes and some for tying onto the hooks themselves. There was also a couple Finn Raccoon in great colors that I lack like Claret and a beauty of a gold orange looking bit. It seems certain that...
  10. Feather Wing Patterns
    Freestyle speys, not quite happy with the wing on the second fly, also colors don't look too great on this photograph :ohwell:
  11. General Board
    I really like Trout and Salmon magazine and understand why the commercial pressures of the internet have forced trout fisherman to close. Great idea to combine with trout and salmon and good luck to it finding the right balance to please everyone. You never know some trout anglers may be...
  12. General Board
    Has the forum layout changed ,as mine is terrible. Tried to do a screen shot on the ipad but unable to. Got it back had to click on full site. Sewinfly
  13. New Member Introductions
    Hello everyone, I’m based on the west coast of Scotland and I have a great salmon week on a great river called the Eckaig Regards joe
  14. Classified Wanted
    Hi Anyone got one of these going spare must be in great condition will pay around £120 as that seams the going rate. Please pm
  15. Classified Sales
    Used but in great nick. Comes with the original carry case. No need for me to big this up, it's a great bice. I've a brand new set of jaws to go with it. £240 Thanks
  16. Fly Tying Topics
    Disaster struck at 21:30 on the evening of February 16th 2020 when a clumsy fools elbow slipped off his desk as he melted the tip of a tube fly he just spent 45mins tying ... ???
  17. Hairwing Fly Patterns
    A few monkeys on blind eye hooks ready for the spring, not great but good enough for me.
  18. Classified Sales
    Lovely classic Abu rod medium action, great floating devon/ Toby rod, excellent condition 120 quid delivered. Pics on ebay
  19. Off Topic Lounge
    Just heard that Neil Peart the drummer with Rush died of brain cancer. He was one of the truly great rock drummers. Feeling old today
  20. Classified Sales
    15 foot bruce and walker powerlite speycaster 11 weight for sale 160 pounds delivered. A great rod that handles full length lines. Great condition all rings and whippings brilliant, cork fantastic, one small blemish on the decal see pic.
1-20 of 154 Results