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  1. Picture Gallery
    First time fishing the River Annan (Hoddom Castle )! First time Euro nymphing! First grayling, followed by a few more! Looking downstream from Hoddom bridge, cold start... Duke's pool First grayling... Released.. Later on day, lady on one one of my wool creations (happily report...
  2. Patterns for other species
    Hope the grayling have a sweet tooth...?
  3. Patterns for other species
    Another pattern that's caught me a lot of fish through the years, trout and grayling
  4. Patterns for other species
    A few various sized nymphs and wee #21 f-fly's for the lady's ?
  5. General Board
    Anyone know if there are grayling in the Taw
  6. Picture Gallery
    I posted this to the North American forum and thought some may enjoy the photos and storyline here as well. I've placed into Gillies Tales because I still have my license to work as a fish guide there just aren't any salmon to guide on at this time. This region of Alaska is experiencing its...
  7. Classified Sales
    This rod is the original GA series rod and is in excellent condition having only been used twice. A really nice rod to use for Grayling and Brown trout The rod comes with the rod bag and Loop Tube. £250 posted within the UK
  8. Grayling Fishing
    Out for the first grayling trip of 2019 to a Wirral Game water on the River Dee above Corwen. Lovely day, low sun and reasonable temperatures (until we got down to the river). Reality bit after around 5 minutes in the water and hands got colder and number! Using my Dave Harrell 14ft rod with...
  9. English Rivers
    Best wishes for the New Year to all Ribble rods. Lets hope we get more water for the season a head & hopefully better runs of fish. I know it's a salmon forum but are there any of you out fishing for Grayling ? If so it would be great to read your reports on how your doing.
  10. Patterns for other species
    Had a bash at Craig McDonalds "Craigs Killers" for the grayling Original colours in 14/16 Dohuki hooks with tungsten jig backs Tried a few pink/natural combos too Cheers Cb
  11. Patterns for other species
    I wish I had a pound for ever time I've caught grayling on this wee pattern over the years Hanak #14 Under body 2 layers of round lead wire Olive, pink and orange glister and uv dubbing mix Clear nymph skin Nylon rib
  12. Patterns for other species
    Been sitting at the vice this afternoon rattling up some grayling nymphs here's a wee olive jig pattern that I've had a few :rolleyes: grayling on Patriot wide gape jig #18 2.8 Tungsten bead Partridge fibers Olive dubbing Fine opal mirage Fine silver wire rib Black dubbing Arnold
  13. Grayling Fishing
    I am salmon fishing a few middle Tweed beats next week and as I have some spare days I wondered if it was worthwhile doing a bit of grayling fishing. Could anyone recommend any areas either on Tweed or tributary where I could get a day ticket or is it salmon only in October
  14. Trout Fishing
    What should I do if...........? I am genuinely fishing for trout but start to catch grayling - more than just the odd one , in fact as many grayling as trout . If the situation was reversed and I was catching out of season trout in the grayling season I would move to a different stretch of water...
  15. New Member Introductions
    Hi, finally activated here. I live in northern Finland and I’ve been an angler about 20 years. Fishing mostly grayling, salmon or trout in Finland, Sweden and Norway.
  16. Scottish Rivers
    I know opening day is a few weeks away, but there is still a bit of grayling fishing to be had. Wishing you tight lines for 2018.
  17. Rookies Corner
    Does anyone know why there are no grayling in Ireland OR are they there and we don,t hear any reports Thanks
  18. Grayling Fishing
    Been at the vice the last few day's stocking up for the grayling here's a small selection of some of the one's I've been tying and are ready for the box, most of the patterns have been tyed in different sizes ranging from 18s to 12jig
  19. Grayling Fishing
    A wee start to the grayling 2lb 12 above picture doesn't do it justice but it's the only one I have Don't ask ??? and 2lb 5oz lying on the net caught bugging
  20. General Board
    Looking for some grayling fishing near to S London. I have fished chalk stream before and it was resonable price, but forgot the contact details. Anything about an hours dive, and not more than £50 a day.
1-20 of 22 Results