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  1. River Spey
    for 2020 I will be in Grantown in April! As now everything is out of whack, when do you think?
  2. River Spey
    I've got the opportunity to go to Grantown "Castle Grant" for a week starting Friday coming is it worth going weather permitting? Cheers Al
  3. River Spey
    Only angler fishing near Grantown on Thursday.
  4. River Spey
    Hello everyone, Departure for Grantown in 2 days for my fishing month. Looking at the levels and weather forecasts; I ask myself a lot of Questions ! With my salmon equipment then I try the sea trout? my lightest rod is a 13 "4 # 7 or switch # 6 and 8. Specific flies or my little salmon flies...
  5. Off Topic Lounge
    As our annual sojourn on Speyside approaches without any appreciable rain on the horizon , Bill and I would like to ask you to dig deep to help us send Kenny the Flood to Grantown on Sat 2nd of June til Wednesday 6th. Any amount gratefully received. ;)
  6. General Board
    Grantown Association bookings now on FishPal Title says it all.
  7. General Board
    I’m on the Spey next season and as well as the salmon was hoping to do a bit of loch fishing for browns (& sea trout??). Any recommendations of lochs to try around Grantown or within a fairly easy drive? Preferably free and wild... cheers
  8. General Board
    I'm up in Grantown for a few days with the family and my inlaws. When asked by the mother-in-law if I would be fishing, I said no as it was a family holiday, to which she responded "you must". So with a disapproving look from the wife I packed my rods in the car and tomorrow has be chosen as my...
1-8 of 8 Results