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  1. Lines
    Line recommendation for Loop Xact 12'6 #8 Line recommendations for this rod? Spey and shooting heads. What line in grams or grains would suit this rod? Cheers
  2. Classified Sales
    Guideline Xchange WF Tri-Tip with original float S3/4 and S6/7 tips. Bought recently on fleebay as an #8 but it's more of a #7 at 17.5 grams. I didn't even try the line having weighed it, as I know the rod I had in mind for it needs not less than the advertised weight of 19 grams, if not more...
  3. Classified Sales
    Rio AFS Shooting Head and Set of poly leaders. 8/9 Floating head. 38ft/ 11/6m 520grains/ 34 grams Posted in UK for £30
  4. Swap Shop
    Swap for same line in 8/9 or other Spey line 38-40 grams 50-55 ft
  5. Spey Lines
    Can anyone tell me what line this is? the full line is white with a 75 foot head that weighs 58 grams.
  6. Classified Sales
    Guideline Power Taper RM float evolve 11/12# 48 grams factory loops both ends test cast only "as new" condition £32 posted
  7. Swap Shop
    In excellent condition with box and spool swap for same line in 34 grams or 9 wt Rio Scandi head.
  8. General Board
    Following the theft of my reels and case I've been offered the above by members of another forum. The Okuma seems to be well thought of, the Partridge, information is a bit scant. Apparently it will take a WF11 line and 240 yds of 30lb backing. The Okumas are 7/8 size. The Salmon sized reel is...
  9. Classified Sales
    Gaelforce ESSS 7/8 27 grams and a ESSS 9/10 33 grams ,both only cast a few times in perfect condition ,re-spooled and re-boxed . £48 each posted ..........PM me for more info or to buy , cheers Alan.........................7/8 SOLD , .....9/10 SOLD .
  10. Classified Sales
    Guideline Triple D F/H/I Never used and now surplus to requirements. Marked as 10/11 (44ft - 44 grams) on the packaging but cut back and customised to 40ft-39 grams. Needs a loop on the back. £25 posted (£59.99 RRP) Line is now sold
  11. Classified Wanted
    Looking for the above rod between 12 and 13 Ft with a casting weight of around 30 grams. Other rods considered in the same length and casting weight. PM please. Thanks ?
  12. Shooting Heads
    Has anybody been using Salmologic Short Cut Heads on rods other than Salmologics? I thought these ultra short sinking heads could be useful on the smaller rivers i fish but having a confusing time trying to figure out which head weight would suit my rods. I did speak to AM Angling and they...
  13. Lines
    Loa all, I intend to get some of the 30' Airflo CCT "T" material tips for cutting down and using with my various Rage Compacts, so , I thought I'd ask the learned forum if these calculated weights below look about right (Grain to gram conversion)? I might play with lengths but the formula can...
  14. Spey Lines
    Hi, Time to look for a replacement for Carron 55' 8/9 floater, which has crashed at several points on the tip within 2 weeks of fishing. The Carron is a perfect, but too weak coating IMHO and all the types of the loop went to nowehere but to simple perfection loop of the naked core. Thus, the...
  15. Classified Wanted
    Wanted Zpey Fusion Compact # 9 - 30 grams Hi All, has anyone a Zpey Fusion Compact # 9 - 30 grams or a Zpey Fusion # 9 - 30 grams hanging around and want to sell? Thanks in advance, Darra..
  16. Classified Sales
    I have the following for sale: Gaelforce Equalizer Integrated Shooting Head Float #10-39 grams. Test cast only for 30 minutes or so. (cut the front loop off intending to make my own but never got around to it) other than that it's in almost mint condition £45 posted. Guideline PT Scandi RTG...
  17. Classified Sales
    For sale Gaelforce equalizer triple density F/H/I 10/11 41 grams test cast only £35 posted U.K. SOLD Gaelforce ". ". ". H/I/S3 10/11 41 grams New, never been used, £38 posted U.K. Gaelforce integrated shooting head floating 42 grams, loop replaced front end, still...
  18. Classified Sales
    Scientific angler ust floating shooting head 38 grams £40.00 scientific angler ust float hover intermrdiate head 38 grams £40.00 SOLD !! scientific angler ust float/ hover sink 3 head 38 grams £40.00 gaelforce equaliser intergrated shooting head 39 grams £50.00 SOLD !!! all lines are...
  19. Classified Sales
    Guideline triple d 10/11,44 grams, int/sink2/sink4. New in box £30 SOLD Rio Scandi body #11, 37.3 grams. New in box £30 SOLD Rio skagit max long 750 grain/48.7 gram. New in box £30 SOLD Prices include postage Paypal as gift
  20. Swap Shop
    Rio AFS 10/11 42 grams floating head in good condition swap for 8/9 head
1-20 of 21 Results