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  1. Classified Sales
    Guys have theses gloves available brand new partner bough me them but I never wear gloves 20 posted Pm me if interested Davy Sold pending
  2. Other.
    I'm after advice on gloves for early season cold water fly fishing.
  3. Classified Sales
    Have the above gloves brand new never worn looking for 30 posted Pm me if interested davy
  4. General Board
    After watching fishing programs from overseas this last few days it would seem the norm to wear these cotton type gloves when handling fish. To my mind how how can these be better than the smooth wet skin of a hand when compared to the woven/knitted (ok micro) materials of these gloves? Maybe...
  5. General Board
    As a sufferer of Reynauds Syndrome any recommendations for fishing gloves heated or not would be appreciated,as most that I've seen are pretty bulky.Thanks in advance.Jim
  6. Classified Sales
    Simms Freestone Half Finger Gloves Size L Brand new still on packaging etc Black Fleece £12.50 inc postage to mainland uk
1-6 of 6 Results