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  1. General Board
    This was posted elsewhere on the forum but thought i'd share it on the general board. Full Film: Artifishal | The Fight to Save Wild Salmon - YouTube
  2. General Board
    Anglers, clubs and fishery managers urged to use review to get cormorants on the General Licence - The Angling Trust
  3. Sea Trout Fishing
    this is probably a slight long shot, but does anyone / has anyone fished for Manx Sea Trout in their spate streams ? i'm just looking for very general advice on rod weights,lengths, flies etc. can i get away with hip waders ? I also have a general question for you guys who fish tidal beats -...
  4. Scottish Rivers
    Hi guys ,a i have a couple rods booked on here this sat I've fished the Lorne and inverawe beats b4 but always looked fondly at the Anderson beat, must say I'm looking forward to fishing it even if it's not what it once was just looking for general advice as to what lines and flees to go with ...
  5. General Board
    Good morning everyone. I see that a rod has come up for sale in july on the above river. I have been looking for a few months for such an opportunity , and wondered if anyone has any personal info regarding the general fishing on that stretch in july. Although it is for myself at the moment...
  6. General Board
    Bit late in posting this but if anyone lives close by. The open night is on the 14th of February and begins about 6.30pm. As always, we will have some very special offers only available on the night, as well as a general discount on other items. There will also be a free buffet including beers...
  7. General Board
    While we bemoan the lack of fish in our rivers, we are not the only ones to suffer from aquaculture in general. A Shocking state of affairs and once again mans greed prevails to rob the poor and plunge their future into doubt. While I agree food production in general will hardly feed the...
  8. General Board
    I am looking to fish on the Riesa river in Norway 2019 I am looking for some general advise on how best to go about it keeping costs to the minimum. I am looking at the Reisa 20-40 club water which looks to be good value for the money. can the trip be done without taking fully guided trip and...
  9. Rookies Corner
    Hi a bit new to salmon on the fly what would be a general set up for low water Thanks
  10. General Board
    Eeek, Think I might know most folks thoughts so far on this season. Iv heard , with sea changing, and fish traveling further, might be one reason they not here. Heard big floods few years ago, killed lot the smolt run. It goes on. Not trying be smart here, but what the general thoughts on whats...
  11. Spey Lines
    If anyone fishes or has cast these lines, I'd be very interested in hearing your thoughts and experience's with them. Especially what you thought about their performance, in comparison to each other as well as general pros and cons of each line. Thanks in advance. AM
  12. North American Fly Patterns
    Always preferred dark/black flies, esp for the evening when the light is fading, and found this, a black general practitioner, when looking for something for TOTM.
  13. General Board
    probably of general interest, recommended reading. Engelsk sammendrag av arsrapport 2017
  14. General Board
    Lo All, A good friend has relocated to Inverness and will be joining the local Assoc. water next season. I'm planning on kicking the **** right out of his hospitality and get a few weeks spread over the year fishing with him As it's now black dark by 19:00 there are no excuses no to dust off...
  15. Shrimp Fly Patterns
    First attempt at this one in a quite a while... not sure I've got it right but it'll still fish
1-16 of 16 Results