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  1. Spinning
    I`m looking for a new spinning rod 9 or 10 ft and I`ve seen a few ads about these rods so was wondering if anyone has one or has had a shot of one? From the description it looks like the spec is similar to the ones Guideline had on the market a few years ago, particularly the short handle above...
  2. Sea Trout Fishing
    I saw this on the Classic Fly Rod Forum posted by 'Bassman' and thought I'd share it here. I suspect the fisherman is a Vision rep judging by the gear used. Regardless, it's a pleasant way to spend 30 minutes of lockdown: FLY TV - Sight Fishing Big Sea Trout in a Small River - YouTube
  3. Scottish Rivers
    Has anyone fished the black water near the bridge of cally around the start of June ? Wife booked a cottage up there and am planning on taking the fishing gear . Looking for some advice
  4. General Board
    Well crimbo wasn't good to me at all, so anything new, I'm going to have to go get for myself!. One thing I do want and would even say need, is a good retaining band for holding my sunglass's safe.I'm not good with glare at all and being a Migraine sufferer good sunglass's are a must for me...
  5. General Board
    Hey Hope this is ok to post mods - remove if not no worries. So we set up a raffle page on facebook for fishing gear - from cheap and cheerful to very high end. If anyone wants to give it a like feel free - we go live with our first in the morning for a shiny new GR80 9' 5# Its a lot easier...
  6. General Board
    O,rite mate I'm gutted lost 2 10wt sage z axis rods ,sage 6010 reel, Loomis current reel Reuben Heaton scales with scotland flag on it , sage typhoon bag , Simms bib n brace , olive Simms fleece, Parmaris life jacket and countless pike fly,s ,and sage rod holder that holds 2 9ft 10wt rods and...
  7. Classified Sales
    Simms G3 Guide Vest size S but really fits a Medium Person. Costs £249.00 in GAC : Simms G3 Guide Vest - Glasgow Angling Centre There's a tiny mark on the rear of the vest but I can't pick it up on the camera, it's in perfect condition & used a couple of times, I really mind my gear so it's...
  8. General Board
    Sadly due to ill health and a stinking run of bad luck, one of my close fishing friends is arriving at the reality that his fishing days are now sadly behind him.He will shortly be texting me a list of gear, but he's very very keen that it go's to younger anglers and is looking to donate to...
  9. General Board
    Wading gear and clothing: - 1x main Waders (usualy a lighter one so it does not weight so much) - check them for leaks and proof them before you go you you are 100% confident that they will whitsand regular abuse for the period of your trip - 1x spare waders (I usualy take a light model, 3...
  10. General Board
    Plan the luggage you take with you. I take only one bag and one 35l backpack. I use for the moment one Simms Dry Creek XL (the body bag, it was the only one that can fit my 4pcs 15ft rod) and one G4 Guide 35l Backpack that I take on the plane with me. My own gear set-up consists of: Rods - 1x...
  11. General Board
    Brace yourselves, summer is coming. Soon the rivers of Scandinavia and not only will be flooded with water flogging creatures chasing 50 shades of silver…. As I prepare for one of my trips, I decided to start a small discussion regarding how I prepare for the trip and what I usually take with...
  12. General Board
    Does anyone have any insights to what the new gear is there bringing out? I have noticed s1 range and g4 reels and clothing Al discounted, so looks to be a full sweep of gear!! Anyone got any info they could share Davy
  13. Classified Sales
    Nice and handy Zpey Gear bag here that no longer suits my rods. Internal pocket for rods is 39inches so if your rods are under this then it really is a life saver, everything in one place, pick it up and go. Am actually sad the new rods wont fit in it £80 posted UK/Ireland (RRP €135) - SOLD
  14. General Board
    Looking for rod for a mate who has had his garage broken in to and most of his gear stolen. To say he is gutted is an understatement. Rods,reels,fly boxes,all to be replaced Managed to sort him out with some gear but he is on the lookout for rods. Looking for salmon fly rod 13-14/6 ,preferably...
  15. Classified Wanted
    Looking to buy the above rod for dry stillwater work. I've got gear to swap also- please contact me. Thanks.
  16. Classified Sales
    For sale...... 1x Stillwater reel case/bag (10 reel capacity) 1x Wychwood tackle bag (40L x 25H x 20D cm) 1x tool/tackle box for spinning gear £25 delivered to UK mainland address
  17. Hairwing Fly Patterns
    Looked out the gear for a mess about
  18. General Board
    Just been looking through the Gear Guide supplement which came with this months Trout and Salmon. I just can not understand who buys all this stuff. There is nothing new under the sun and it appears to be just various rehashes of what has gone before. I suppose the tackle manufacturers have to...
  19. Swap Shop
    Got the above line and a sink 4 tip to go with as new . Awesome lines to fish and cast Would like to trade for shooting heads in the 38 gram range or any other salmon gear. Line and tip cost 120 dollars plus shipping
  20. General Board
    Just a thought everyone sometime in their lives have bought New gear either a rod, reel, lines, waders, jackets etc. We all have been there!! I cannot get over the amount of really good second hand gear that is for sale presently just not on this forum but other well established sites also for...
1-20 of 30 Results