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  1. Rookies Corner
    I’ve returned to salmon fly fishing after a 30 year break. I’ve witnessed developments in coarse fishing, boilies, and trout fishing, gold heads, that changed the way we fish and generally made fishing more productive. I’m looking at the range of flies that are now around and wondered if the...
  2. Vision
    Hi, I have the above rod and I am note sure what line to put on it. My other rods a 12 and 14 I have teamed with a Rio afs outbound and love them. I got the 15 10wt as I wanted somthing with a bit more power to cast heavier flies and tips in spring and autumn. Any clues I have looks at the...
  3. Classified Wanted
    Looking for a copy of the above book..
  4. General Board
    Hi All Anyone know how many members there are in RADAC? Just wondering it its worth joining as I don't want to fish waters which are too busy. Also, as a game fisherman I noticed they have quite a lot of coarse water. Are their waters good game waters? Thanks
  5. Off Topic Lounge
    To hell with politics and all politicians . Still game is on in 3 sorry 2 sorry nowish..
  6. General Board
    This buck showed up last night, I'm sure to the dismay of the two smaller ones in my earlier game camera post. Not a record rack, but exceptionally large by whitetail standards.
  7. General Board
    In recent years I pass I have helped pass the winter - which unfortunately is much longer and colder than those of the UK - here in Maine with a variety of little projects, and one of them is the use of my game camera. I have a couple of deer feeders around my yard, and we get some interesting...
  8. Off Topic Lounge
    watched the Belgium game in Manchester no wonder the locals were pissing their selfs , shocking play and this game tonight is awful it's got to be the worst Scotland team in years and McLeish looks like he has not a clue if this is the future then it is very grim indeed I am raging as u can...
  9. General Board
    I see the Dee is coming into form six fish this week with probably 500 rods getting them. On the river all next week. I must be completely of my head. I'm beginning to think this really is a mugs game. You really shouldn't have to be able to cast like Scott McKenssie and fish all day and all...
  10. General Board
    If anyone is coming along to the Scottish game fair this weekend please pop along to the Perth and District Anglers tent facing the casting platforms and the river. See what we have the visiting angler to have a go at and our very keenly priced season tickets. For visitors to the the Fair and...
  11. Classified Sales
    If anyone is taking the opportunity to visit the Game Fair over the weekend then please pop along to the Perth and District Anglers Tent. Just around the corner from fishermans Row and facing out onto the island. There will be a free competition for anyone visiting and also I believe a couple...
  12. Off Topic Lounge
    Ted Carter's of Preston, has been sold to Angling Active for £125,000. I wonder if the game fishing side will now be phased out.
  13. General Board
    Can anyone tell me what month or day they have a open day at Perth were theres fly casting and your can buy game and fishing tackle thanks in advance
  14. General Board
    I was in Axminster today and came across this on the site of the old police house . It seems that the poachers are always one step ahead of the "game" Colin
  15. General Board
    I have previously bought Stroft ABR fishing line priced £6 odd for 100 metres . It can be bought on ebay for the same price but cleverly disguised in 25 metre spools . These spools are much smaller but this is not obvious from the photograph . Never mind , we are game anglers and can afford it .
  16. General Board
    Tackle manufacturer getting involved in the sea bass C&R game fishing tackle suppliers do enough? Surely any sectors of the tackle trade which profit from the bass fishing market should properly get behind the conservation efforts - with big credit to Sidewinder Lures
  17. Classified Sales
    hi i have unused Large David Nickerson Game Bag with mesh front pocket £16 Delivered uk
  18. Hunting & Shooting
    Interesting documentary. For info only. I make no judgement The Big Game Hunting Controversy:
  19. Off Topic Lounge
    Anyone see this last night, hilarious....old Pat Butcher sooking up a foul doobie, Bobby George taking a whiter and poor old Christopher Biggins looking like Casper the ghost. Great watch, about time we followed suit and gave our people who suffer with medical conditions an alternative option...
  20. General Board
    Were any of you guys at the game fair? I was there with Salmologic and bumped into Lamson V10, good to meet him, thought the show was pretty good, almost bought the new Bentley 4x4, but they didn't have it in my colour. Anyway thought it was a good event not as much fishing stuff as past years...
1-20 of 22 Results