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  1. General Board
    hi everyone,not too sure if best to put on general or rookies corner. As above suggests I have the above rod which I purchased new recently and was going to use my current pflueger reel, however I don't want to take any chances and am seeking advice on a good reel to match.I don't mind new or a...
  2. Classified Sales
    Have a Gaelforce Equalizer Spey Line 54ft 42gram Brand New £65 posted SOLD PENDING PAYMENT
  3. Classified Sales
    Brand new in the box 30 gram esss gaelforce switch line looking £65.00
  4. Classified Sales
    Have the following lines for sale they are used but in good nick, lot's of life left in them the welded loops are good shape. Gaelforce 27grams ESSS 7/8 Gaelforce 30grams ESSS 8/9 RIO Switch Chucker no.8 Looking for £95 for the above 3 x lines well worth that. Includes Postage to Ireland or...
  5. Classified Sales
    Gaelforce equalizer shooting head float #10 39g Not had this line for long and have no need for it £32 posted Cheers
  6. Swap Shop
    Hi All, Looking to swap my Gaelforce Destination 13ft 9in 8/9# 6pc for Sage Igniter Double Hander with Cash you're way. SORTED ROD SOLD THANKS A MILION Patrick Mc :thumb: This rod is in mint condition. Thanks, Darra
  7. Classified Sales
    Hi all, Have a mint condition Gaelforce Destination 13ft 9in 8/9# 6pc in mint condition ROD SOLD THANKS A MILION Patrick Mc :thumb: Only swap considered is a Sage Igniter Can email photos. Darra
  8. Swap Shop
    Hi All, Looking to swap my Gaelforce Destination 11ft 9in 8/9# 6pc for Sage Igniter Double Hander with Cash you're way. This rod is in new condition used a couple of times. ROD SOLD THANKS TOM:thumb: Thanks, Darra
  9. Classified Sales
    Have a mint Gaelforce Destination 11ft 9in 8/9# 6pc used a handful of times so as new. ROD SOLD THANKS TOM:thumb: I don't want to swap only swap I would take is a sage igniter with cash difference you're way. I can email photo's to anyone interested. Darra
  10. Classified Sales
    SOLD. Cheers Diarmid.
  11. Classified Wanted
    Chaps, Looking for a 63ft Gaelforce Equalizer in a 9/10 (or possibly an 8/9) if anyone has one surplus, must be in mint condition please, PM if applicable with price, many thanks
  12. Classified Wanted
    Has anybody out there got a Rio Scandi outbound intouch 9/10 38 gram floater 130ft please, it needs to be as new, they no longer require. Or the equivalent Gaelforce. Please PM if you have found one tucked away thats no longer required. Many thanks Nickolas
  13. Classified Sales
    Has any body out there got a Rio Scandi intouch outbound 9-10wt 38gr 130ft floater that they no longer require, it does need to be near new or if not new please. Or equivalent Gaelforce please. Best nickolas
  14. Classified Sales
    Gaelforce ESH #11 42g floating head As new condition *SOLD*
  15. Classified Wanted
    Wanted Gaelforce 9/10 floating 54 ft Speyline also same line in 10/11
  16. Classified Sales
    Hi All, Up for sale is a mint Gaelforce Equaliser 14' 9/10 4 piece Salmon Fly Rod. £500 which includes P&P to Ireland and UK Regards, Darra
  17. Ebay Bargains
    Loop Goran Andersson Fly rod | eBay Hardy Cascapedia Fly Reel 8/9 43388420459 | eBay GAELFORCE EQUALIZER ESSS SWITCH AND SHORT SPEY FLY LINE 6/7 | eBay selling my complete light salmon outfit. Loop Goran Andersson 2 Rod, new Cascapedia and Gaelforce line. 99p starting bid no reserve!
  18. Classified Sales
    sold sold sold sold Gaelforce 10wt integrated float shooting head Orange running line.tan loading bar , green this from a member but have not used it. Put a new welded loop on the fromt as i do with all my lines Excellent condition and only used a couple times Non original spool £45...
1-20 of 140 Results