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  1. Fly Tying Topics
    On the few occasions that I use Sunrays I am for ever fretting that the wing has caught up in the bend of the hook. Has anybody tried Snake Flies as used on reservoirs for fry feeding trout. Zonker strips come in all styles and colours and you can add booby cord to the head to make a wake fly.
  2. Patterns for other species
    Tied these up for the fry chasers at Wimbleball lake. One with the eyes below the hook and one with the eyes above. Fished slow off a floating line .
  3. General Board
    Stopped off by the river for a breather on my way to Fort William, Drove down to the Cemetery (pool 15). Gave the dogs a breather and a drink of water, guess who was fishing the far bank out of season???? Seven Mergansers..... Just battering the water, god knows how many fish the buggers must...
  4. North Atlantic Salmon Conservation
    Kyle Young has been a proponent of fry translocation for a few years although it is not a new technique; underused yes, but not new. I know there is another thread highlighting that particular technique but this paper is in my view a brilliant contribution to the whole stocking debate. It is...
1-4 of 4 Results