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  1. General Board
    Evening guys , As everyone must know these are challenging times for one and all our lives have been put on hold till we contain this virus and it may change the way we live forever I have a friend who I'm sure some on here will know Mr Willy Darragh I've got his permission and kindly the SFF...
  2. General Board
    Hi all, a friend of mine bought an Oracle exp. 13'9" #9 SAP NO. 1293992 some time ago. Now the section above the handle snapped. I tried Purefishing Germany but they said they cannot provide any spare parts for rods sold only in the UK. I tried J. Norris and they directed my to Shakespeare UK...
  3. General Board
    Anybody got a B & W Norway butt section off a 15ft rod for sale? Asking for a friend.
  4. General Board
    Im looking for the above line..Preferably in hover but float will do as its for a friend . Please pm if you can help..
  5. General Board
    Fished a beat on Monday with a friend who had never fished with a gillie before , when I mentioned a tip for him I could not think how much to give because I have not fished with a gillie for years . Anyway we gave him what I thought was reasonable . What is the going rate ?I had a grilse and...
  6. North American Fly Patterns
    Tied these up for a friend for this spring season. Waters are running high and clear. These should give a good profile with some added POP. Blue Cherry Electric Purple Both were tied in hand for fishing on McNeese #2 irons. Mike
  7. General Board
    Im up for a cast week Monday, and was wondering how the lower river's been for our nice we friend. ? Has their been any probs this season ? Water conditions looking good, and weather for that weeks good. Feeling confident
  8. Off Topic Lounge
    A bit shocked this morning to phone the Doctor this morning and to be told the next available appointment is just short of three weeks away. I avoid going to the doctors if possible and (mainly due to very good fortune) only go approximately once a year. A friend of a friend was given a...
  9. Video Gallery
    It was an incredibly dry summer but thankfully we witnessed some great sport right at the end of the season. A friend of mine put this brilliant short video together from a day where every pool we fished produced something. Enjoy!!
  10. Classified Sales
    13 cock and hen capes/saddles in various colours. Payment via PayPal as friend thanks. £32 posted. SOLD SOLD...
  11. General Board
    A friend of mine wants a switch rod for low water , he will only use it occasionally so cannot justify buying a premium rod . He used my Bloke Switch rod and was blown away with the performance We tried a Shakespeare over the weekend but to be honest it handled like half cooked spaghetti it was...
  12. General Board
    Shamed but not named I was on the Dee today and witnessed a sorry site. An Angler on Commonty was playing a very large salmon, several people were rooting for him and it soon became evident that he didn't have a net. A couple of people went off to his friend to inform him but he didn't have a...
  13. Classified Sales
    New unused jungle cock. £50 posted. SOLD SOLD. Payments via paypal as friends thanks.
  14. Classified Sales
    Selling above shooting-head --------as new fly-rod changed £25 + £3 P & P Paypal as friend please-----victor
  15. Fly Tying Topics
    Mike Townend - De Silvas Dragon (A Wee Scottish Delta... | Facebook From a best friend, A top Classic tier that has a bit of fun now and then
  16. General Board
    Has anyone got any experience of the Mackenzie 13' DTX 2 ? A friend of mine who doesn't have internet is interested in one .
  17. Reels
    Don't it make you sick Jack? :evil: They belong too a friend,,,just his non-fishing spares in this pic - as can be seen from the handles!
  18. Irish Shrimp Fly Patterns
    Tying these up for a friend,The Long Tail Glenties Shrimp ?
  19. General Board
    Hi guys can anyone tell me were would be the best chance of a fish in January in Scotland a friend of mine is looking for one last trip before he leaves this world thanks in advance
1-20 of 28 Results