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  1. News & Features
    The Environment Agency has produced a report that states Freshwater anglers contribute an estimated 1.4 billion to the English economy and supports up to 27,000 full time jobs. The study found that coarse fishing was the most popular activity accounting for 19 million days of fishing. Game...
  2. North Atlantic Salmon Conservation
    Salmon and Trout Conservation Cymru SPRING SEMINAR 2018 Tuesday, April 3rd 10am - 3pm FIELD AND STREAM Resolving the Impacts of Land Management on the Freshwater Environment Many of the rivers of Wales are facing a range of ecological threats which threaten to render them unfit for the wild...
  3. General Board
    What is the longest journey miles/km of a migratory fish in the British Isles from sea to freshwater to spawn
  4. General Board
    A good angler is one that observes the quarry other than behind the sights of his gun. I hope this thread goes a little better than the recent long vs short shots for UK rivers thread...but I have my doubts. Gotta few minutes? Best get another cup of tea perhaps...:o Here is one point of view...
1-4 of 4 Results