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  1. Picture Gallery
    Couple more:). Never had one so fresh in September from the clyde.
  2. Sea Trout Fishing
    Hello forum.I have been asked a couple of times this year to visit the Orkney Islands.never been that far away for sea trout or mates go up quite a lot but don't seem to get many fish.while others fishing the same spots get fish. I told them to ask what fly is most successful in...
  3. General Board
    I've seen fish still very much tartan on the Ness webcam and wondered how long does the mending stage take? Is it similar time to the colouring up process when they enter the fresh water, or does it take much longer?
  4. North American Fly Patterns
    Squidro variants, shrimpy type things, and the pink thing at the bottom is made from a replacement skirt for a "Shimano Lucanus" sea fishing"jig", so I decided to try one in fresh water, I'll just add a white orange or pink/purple single collar on top for variation.
  5. General Board
    250 fish off the river last week! Some in the 20lb +. Wonder how many were fresh? Shame that there are no pics anywhere? :ohwell:
  6. General Board
    What are folks thoughts on sharpening hooks?? In particular rivals? Is the magic gone once they are blunt or do you give them a tickle?? One of my current favourite flys is tied on rival hooks and I’ve heard mixed reviews and they seem to be loved or hated. My personal experience is fresh out...
  7. General Board
    I took my gopro and attached it to a pole and some coaxial cable taped to my mobile so i could see i real time what was under the water .These fish were fresh out the sea and were coming very close to my feet , water depth was around 5-6 feet deep . GOPR0005 - YouTube
  8. North Atlantic Salmon Conservation
    An interesting news piece I thought from - a sign of better things to come? Wisconsin land-based fish farmer and hydroponic vegetable grower Superior Fresh has begun selling its first Atlantic salmon in Festival Foods stores in the northern US state...
  9. Picture Gallery
    Not a great photo but very happy to be off an running with a fairly fresh 11ber in challenging conditions!
  10. General Board
    Now that we are seeing a collapse of the back end runs on numerous systems are we going to see 100 C&R at this time of year the same as happened to the spring stock due to their poor returns based on years gone bye ? I can see fishermen now being left with a small window of taking a fresh...
  11. River Dee
    We take woodend every year and this was the first year back after the floods and the refurbishments to the cottage and main house. On our arrival we were greeted by Julian with a bottle of red and white wine, we checked over Garden Cottage and what a transformation a real transformation...
  12. General Board
    We've all been creating and chin wagging about the collapse of an Autumn run on lots of rivers and it seems particularly the Tweed.However,whats the situation on those few rivers in Devon/Cornwall with a later opening season.How are they being affected?,are they still blessed with a run of fresh...
  13. General Board
    In view of the fly size issue on the Horsburough thread, thought I'd lob in a starter for 10. Few years back on t'Dee very early in the season it were reet cold and inclement as its inclined to be in the opening few weeks of the season.Any way me and my chums were all tooled up with Wet 2's and...
  14. Picture Gallery
    Managed this wee fella today in low clear water. Also enjoyed watching a big croc go 3m up a pool twice waving his head out of the water. Seems some fresh fish made an appearance today as well. Know of two (seen the pics) a few miles from where I was....bloody typical, lol.
  15. General Board
    Is it possible to explain why all four of the big Scottish east coast salmon rivers experience both early and late runs of fresh salmon, while "across the pond" in Norway, fish don't seem to start to run until late April/May and finish in September. After the installation of video cameras, two...
  16. Picture Gallery
    They are far and few between on Kingcausie this year. This one is not fresh run, but welcome nonetheless.
  17. Picture Gallery
    This one turned up this morning.
  18. Picture Gallery
    My son has been fishing since small, and has caught salmon on spinner and worm but 3 years ago turned to fly only - after a lot of time and effort, sometimes being the only one to not catch on the river and some near misses yesterday he finally got not one but two on Garynahine. Both released...
  19. Head Cam Videos
    Video of my fresh 14lb fish from waulkmill on the Tay yesterday.
  20. Picture Gallery
    My first this year. Spanking fresh little fish
1-20 of 21 Results