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  1. Northern European Style Patterns
    Flies from the box, tied this time last year for a trip to a new river These didn't catch any fish on that trip, but neither did any other flies! :batty: ~3-4cm small copper conehead orange fox tail fiery brown fox tail copper flash blue saddle hackle JC
  2. Fly Tying Topics
    What colour is Golden Olive, a bit like asking what colour is Claret or Green Highlander. I have 40 shades of GO and they range from Orange to a washed out Olive. The colour I think of is like the body on the fly JS tied...
  3. Northern European Style Patterns
    The classic spring fly, particularly for clearer water. 13cm, tied on a 1" copper tube with arctic fox and foxy tails "pseudo monkey" wing
  4. Shrimp Fly Patterns
    A bit of Floro fibre and Fox in the tail. Oh and a Green erse for Hemmy :)
  5. Northern European Style Patterns
    5" long variant of the Stig Brandal video that Rotenone posted a week or so ago. This is heavier than the real fly and looks more like a massive monkey to me. Body: Tungsten cone & Silver Blue Lite Brite Body Hackle: Silver Badger Cock Wing 1: Black Arctic Fox w Lure-flash Pearl Wing 2...
  6. Hairwing Fly Patterns
    Was messing around at the vice and this is one of the results, think I play a little more with this one :nod: 35mm Waddinton Gold wire tag Gold holographic tinsel I palmered the body with two different coloured hackles, rear half yellow badger front half orange badger hackle Gold wire rib...
  7. Irish Shrimp Fly Patterns
    Tied some of these after reading an article by a certain Robert Gillespie from an old T&S I'm missing the fox wing:redface::redface::redface: Looks ok though I think. Thanks Minitube:thumb:
  8. North American Fly Patterns
    Enjoying tying these Intruder style creations but they do take a lot of time so here’s some mini ones, with just a single station at front. Underwing is arctic fox spun in a dubbing loop, which makes a great supporting hackle for the marabou hackle and ostrich feelers.
  9. Hairwing Fly Patterns
    Just playing with the same old colours. Tag - Flo Green Tail - Yellow Flo Fibre Rib - Oval Silver Body - Peacock Ice Dub Wing - Yellow Fox, Yellow Angel Hair, Orange Fox, Orange Angel Hair Hackle - Orange then Blue Hen Wing - Black Fox Eyes - Jungle Cock
  10. Patterns for other species
    Some "Scruffy's" for the ladies #14 & #18 partridge wide gape jigs Scruffiness comes from dubbing some fox squirrel pelt hair. Cheers Cb
  11. Hairwing Fly Patterns
    Looking for new patterns for the fly tying lessons I saw this fly on a website and guessed at the dressing. Thread - Black Tag - Oval Gold Butt - Yellow Antron Body - Black Fox underfur Wing - Yellow Fox, Sunburst Fox, Sunburst Flashabou Hackle - Sunburst, Black cock Wing - Black Fox Eyes -...
  12. Shrimp Fly Patterns
    I had a fish and Lost a cpl to this wee pattern last weekend so thought I'd add a cpl more to the box Gold glitter tube Oval gold tag Orange floro fiber SSS Octopuzzy red dubbing Oval gold tag Red fox Orange fox Magenta runner SSS Octopuzzy angle hair Orange badger hackle Red badger...
  13. Classified Sales
    Sold Moving house soon so need to tidy up some materials These material all you need for getting started with the famous banana fly in the proper dyed colour shades. 70 gold 10mm compact bottle tubes free swinging hook style. Huge piece of dirty yellow polar bear 5x3 inches! Tellis flugefiske...
  14. Off Topic Lounge
    Some pictures from the camera trap. The deer are in the middle of changing coats. The pine martens seem more common than you would think. And Mr fox is everywhere.
  15. Fly Tying Topics
    Should keep me in hair for a while..... Arctic Fox Tails in white and something called Platinum (I think).
  16. Fly Tying Topics
    Should keep me in hair for a while..... Arctic Fox in white and something called 'platinum'. The tips are dark and the rest of the hair is white - light grey. I have no idea why this posted twice when I edited it.
  17. North American Fly Patterns
    I chose this fly as the end of tying season exam for the club. Interesting pattern to see if they had heeded the repeated warnings to leave enough space at the head. Tag - Silver oval Tail - GP Crest Butt - Black Ostrich Herl Rib - Oval Silver Rear Body - Flat Blue Holo tinsel Front Body -...
  18. Northern European Style Patterns
    A couple of yellowy Bananas. I haven't got the colours right yet and so there's some sunburst fox in there...
  19. Fly Tying Topics
    Fiery Brown Arctic Fox As per the title, I am looking to purchase some fiery brown artic fox. Anyone have any suggestions please? Looking for a long fur to use as a final wing on a few patterns. Foxy Tails have no stock and haven't had for quite a while I believe. I don't dye so would like to...
1-20 of 32 Results