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  1. Off Topic Lounge
    Been reading that Sonny Bill Williams wants to fight Mike Tyson with a $1M purse mooted. Then read that Tyson wants to put on a 2 round fight for charity, though not sure who would want to pay to get beat up. Finally, found this report. No need to read it just watch the video clip. I know Tyson...
  2. Irish Shrimp Fly Patterns
    First time pattern for me . I found some yellow ostrich and this was the first fly i found in the Chris Mann book to use it. Colin.
  3. Off Topic Lounge
    some u tube films I though some wouldn't mind watching, pretty old and dated now but I found them interesting viewing none the less Salmon Run With Jack Charlton - YouTube A Passion For Angling - In Search of Salmon FULL FILM. - YouTube
  4. Spinning
    Was thinking about getting a Grays Gr70 15/50 spinning rod,anyone fishing this model.I had a greys travel rod 15/45 and found it a bit soft when playing bigger fish.Any help would be appreciated.Cheers John.
  5. General Board
    Found this little chap in distress....currently in the garage Any tips on caring for it?
  6. The Art of Casting
    Obviously a shorter rod is better for smaller rivers (as I have found with my recent purchase), but I an wondering if their use on larger rivers is just a fad? I have been using a new short rod on the main Tyne this week, with the fish (as usual) on the far bank of the best pool. I expected...
  7. General Board
    Along with my age, comes some them nice things like a bad back after long day. Iv tried some of the back supports, Simms , Hodgemans, and never found them much use, and to be honest a bit of a hassle. They always slip out of place, and even worn under your waders still move about. Just seen this...
  8. General Board
    I have spoken highly of the suitability of this line to my style of casting and fishing with my Oracle switch rod. Unfortunately I have now encountered a problem which is very annoying. Basically, one very little used line cracked badly about 18ft to 24 ft from the tip of the line. The cause...
  9. Classified Sales
    As the title above. I don't think i have ever used this reel and has a quality 30lb braid loaded. Spare spool included, god knows where the box went as i have just found it after clearing out one of my cupboards. It has not got a mark on it, absolutely mint. One of Shimano's fantastic bait...
  10. Off Topic Lounge
    A man who killed a seagull when it tried to steal his chips has been found guilty. John Llewellyn-Jones, 64, of Bishopston Road, Cardiff, "smashed" the bird against a wall during a trip to Weston-super-Mare in July 2018. He denied breaching the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 but was found...
  11. General Board
    Have found this very useful the last few years. British sub aqua club chart showing Springs and Neaps for the whole year. Obviously checking the exact details on a local tide table is necessary but I've found it very useful for planning trips in advance. Meet Google Drive - One place for all...
  12. Scottish Rivers
    Just found out the details. All as below.
  13. Off Topic Lounge
    Posted elsewhere - so some will have seen this! As mentioned in the reels section, I took delivery yesterday of a rather nice 1st Edition Hardy Golden Prince. Got it all spooled up and ready for the dying days of the season. Being slightly 'nerd - ish' I decided to give the case a clean out...
  14. General Board
    Has this rod a while but as yet haven’t found a line that suits..... Anybody got any advice ? Cheers
  15. General Board
    Not really a fishing thread but fish related, in that on cleaning my Hozelock pond filter and fountain unit I found that the 2 rubber O rings sealing the uv light unit needed replacing, simple job I thought. Looked on Hozelocks web spares page. Only complete cover unit available at something...
  16. General Board
    Bought a copy of Sydney Spencers Newly From The Sea, good condition £43. Found a wee label on the back Oxfam £2-99. I laughed :lol:
  17. General Board
    Salmon :Documentary on the Threatened World of Salmon (Full Documentary) - YouTube Found this. On just what can be done. Great vid.
  18. Traditional/Fully Dressed Patterns
    Simplified variant which I found on the Internet, #2.
  19. General Board
    Is there anyone on here that was friends with the lad that was found dead on Craigo beat on Thursday. If so can they pm
  20. General Board
    I found this a canny owld read...
1-20 of 34 Results