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  1. Spinning
    My father in law has given me a box of vintage minnows. They all seem to be very muted shades. Black backs or very dark green and very dark bellies, even the gold is muted. Do these baits perform better in a toned down form? I have painted some blanks and mine look like a ravers dream compared...
  2. North Atlantic Salmon Conservation
    Interesting study, studies have proved Fish do get stressed, and now Farmed Salmon are suffering from a form of depression, which is no surprise really. Best, Ian
  3. Classified Wanted
    Hi, been asked by a fly tying friend over sea to ask where is the best place to buy quality JC form in the UK. for small flies not salmon, a used cape with small eyes could be good Many Thanks and Tight Lines.
  4. General Board
    No posts form David Wilkinson recently . ?
  5. Off Topic Lounge
    Just came across the "working dogs" section at Cruffs on the TV. As bonkers and dishonest as ever. This is surely a form of animal abuse. How can it be so popular?
  6. Northern European Style Patterns
    A 4.2 mm brass bead on a 1.8mm inner tube. Used UV resin to help form the shape
  7. General Board
    I have just settled down to checking and preparing my catch return for this season, for forwarding to the EA, for the year 2017 . I havn't fished since August, but I always quite enjoy checking my EA return sheet (which I fill in on the same night of each successful visit), against my own...
  8. General Board
    Last chances to have your say on the nets and future of line angling regarding catch and release .. Angling Trust's Guide to Responding to Salmon Exploitation Consultation Worth a look to aid the form filling if you are doing it from a phone or similar device.
  9. Classified Sales
    Supplied 30/6 /2017 from Hardy. Special order as a regular customer.... unfortunately had only an appropriate corduroy tube and blue sleeve. Were able to supply only two section stoppers Paperwork in the form of a receipt available. Brand new £300.00 or very nearest offer. Any inspection...
  10. Off Topic Lounge
    I was due a tax refund. I received an e-mail from H.M.R.C. telling me so and linking me to a form to reclaim tax. It all looked very official and I filled the form in with all my personal details including my driving licence no. and lots of security info. I left it a day or so then the thought...
1-10 of 10 Results