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  1. General Board
    We Facebook link to some footage of a gaula trib rising. If you have not seen this already it is amazing. The crazy weather that has gripped Europe for the past few weeks is here too. The Gaula river remains closed but this is one of its tributaries, the Sokna. When the hot weather broke it...
  2. Fishing Videos
    Not to be copied fish handling unless the priest is coming out but great footage of salmon reacting to and taking the fly. Unashamedly copied from a sister forum Salmon fishing in Iceland with underwater camera - YouTube
  3. Fishing Videos
    Salmon fishing in Iceland with underwater camera - YouTube
  4. Video Gallery
    Some interesting footage taken earlier this year, with an underwater ROV used as a trial to count fish stocks. Underwater river spey-findhorn ROV - YouTube Enjoy!! Beel Not sure why this hasn't worked - but if you right click on the black screen and go to copied address, this will take you...
  5. Vintage Tackle Discussion
    Just thought l would share this lovely old footage. hope the link works Watch To Cane a Trout online - BFI Player
  6. Head Cam Videos
    Well out yesterday and lost one then got this wee beauty :):):):):) GOPR0545 - YouTube Quick release but water was a bit cold so only a few seconds of underwater footage fish release - YouTube Only seen another 1 fish all day
1-6 of 6 Results